PMS? Moi?

‘For ****’* sake, will you please put the ******* lid back on the *******marmalade when you’ve ******* finished with it?’

 What? Oh c’mon, I did say please.

As my late, great bro-in-law used to say, ‘The difference between PMS and the PLO? You can reason with the PLO.’


17 thoughts on “PMS? Moi?

  1. oh god. you too. I nearly caused world war 3 last week with my mother in law.

    All over a cake.

    Do you get the paranoias too? As in. I am crap. Everyone hates me. I hate me. I am bad tempered. I am spotty. I am crap. Everyone hates me. I hate me…

    And then you wake up the next day and say, well, maybe I’m not sooo bad….

    (apart from the spots, and the bad temper and the being rude to my mother in law)

  2. rilly always a pleasure to see you, whatever the hormonal climate. actually, i just get the odd moment when it feels like the top of my head is going to explode, then i’m all sweetness and light again. mind you, there was a bag of fin-size bars bars in the larder … emphasis on ‘was’.
    jen i feel like a a great big full moon, what with the water retention … er and the mars bars
    dis rumbled! i was certainly speaking in italics at the time.
    jane cake is very important – and might even be worth fighting a war over. i get strange urges to throw everything out and start again. what hormone might that be then, i wonder? oustrogen?

  3. I like the distinction Disgruntled makes, to which I would add a third step:

    “Can’t anybody in this house EVER…?”

    Sound familiar?

  4. bec gald to see you’re getting right back into the swim! it is an important distinction – because it pretty much totally reverses the meaning of what you’re saying!
    and – ooh look! i forgot to unbold my bold – which would have been clever if i’d meant to … but i didn’t. sorry, dis – i wasn’t shouting. or even shouting

  5. Oh dear, oh dear, the cheerful lady who usually resides in these parts seems to have gone on vacation 😉 And an evil troll has taken her place.

  6. Asking people to please put the ******* lid back on the ******* marmalade is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. I mean, how ******* hard is it? Would the world really explode if people sacrificed a few moments and energy in putting the ******* lid back on? Would it ******* kill them? ****, no!

    PMS or no, you made a perfectly acceptable request of those lazy *****.

    Actually, you’re kinda’ sexy when angry.

  7. Now there was someone recently who came out and declared that there was no such thing as PMT…..hmmmmm…..think that person might have been hog-tied by a thousand hormonal women after that! Lol!

    And good on you……Marmalade lids are nothing….wait till you move onto the toilet seat! 😉

  8. PMS…Permanent Male Syndrome, yes? After all you can calendar us gals but the guys are totally unpredictable when they will behave in irrational ways!

  9. And the thing is… once you have that first blow off and you sit back and think “so what the F%%%&!” and then you recognise the symptoms and you can’t really luxuriate in another blow off for at least another month! Or I can’t anyway. And they seem to be getting worse.

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