Back to the stupid puns. Sorry – it appears to be all I’ve got.

We were musing, the way you do, about what the schedule of a religious TV channel might look like. (I understand they actually have these in the US, but this would be a very UK version.) So far we’ve come up with:

Big Bretheren

Vocation, Vocation, Vocation

Top of the Popes

One Man and His Dogcollar

Manicheans Behaving Badly

Wish You Were Here(tic)

Now look, I’m not going to take all the blame for this – I was partly inspired by Le Poulet Noir, so you can register your complaints over there.


22 thoughts on “R.E.T.V.

  1. I’m sooo jealous that I don’t know (m)any British shows to have pun with! Dang!
    Dr. Whosanna
    Papal Suspect

    Apologies for imposing my Yank sensitivities…

  2. cronznet hello! any friend of moobs, etc, etc. you appear to be bilingual! fab contributions.
    brom hello also! excellent additions. please don’t lose any sleep.
    i respectfully submit, in the category of soaps:

  3. Who’s right? Jeremy Paxman interviews the pope, the chief rabbi, the archbishop of canterbury and osama bin laden
    and the companion show,
    Whose God is it anyway?

    The Original Glastonbury Festival. Starring Joseph of Arimethea and a tree…

  4. Oh my god, how on earth did you find me????
    How totally and wonderfully funny. I accused at least four people of being you before realising it was, er, you.

    Guffaws here too….I love ecumenical jokes best of all. We’re about to move next to a vicar….

  5. Damn it, you lot are gooooood!
    mr x 6 o’clock pews – bwahahaha
    meredic i certainly am. required listening round here
    jane i can always trust you to raise the tone. bet glasto wasn’t so muddy back then
    marmite feel free to guffaw, chortle, or even snort!
    jane oh dear – was it so easy to guess. i’m trying to be incognito-ish, for reasons i’ll explain off line. really good to make contact again. hope the move goes well. x
    hbm so glad you liked that one. i was firmly told it was too obscure, but it’s my fave too.
    alpha tagger done! although i still have a backlog. (guilty head hanging)
    moobs i’ve been patiently waiting for you to join the party … and you didn’t disappoint. ‘hallow hallow’ indeed!
    ben hello – excellent! we’ll have to do a sub-section on soaps: priest enders.
    oooh – has anyone said ‘one foot in the nave’ yet?

    i could go on …. and on …. and on.
    it’s ok – i’ve stopped now.

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