I am at the scene of a crime …

The evidence:

criminal butter

The main suspect:


Now tell me – does it look to you as if butter would melt in his mouth?


Look – what can I say? I’m sooo sorry!

I just popped out for a pint of milk, I took a wrong turning, ended up at Facebook, met a few people I knew, found out what 1980s sweet I am (CurlyWurly), did a bit of superpoking (!) then got lost coming home and found myself on Twitter.

And you’ve been waiting all this time for a cup of tea.

Thank heaven for the internet!

The other day I had to buy a dozen double damask dinner napkins. Don’t ask why. I just did. Sometimes you simply have to do these things.

Anyway, thanks to the internet I was able simply to click in the appropriate place on the John Lewis website and didn’t have to go and actually ask for them. Who knows what might have happened otherwise!



i only just heard about this little shard of lunacy. have i missed it?

and whose crrrrraaaaazzzzzyyyyy idea is this anyway?

anyone who’s been lucky enough (hemhem) to get an email or even a comment from me will know that i eschew caps wherever possible. it’s not that i think i’m ee cummings or anything, it’s just that caps always seem so shouty – and i don’t like shouty. i get enough of shouty at home, thank you very much.

so if it’s international caps lock day today, should i just slink away? or should i carry on with my¬†beloved unassuming l/c, confident in the knowledge that everyone else will be shouting too loud to hear me? xx

(i’m not always this slow off the mark, btw. i was right up there on ‘talk like a pirate’ day – aaaarrrr.)