Mexed Mitaphor

I am a writer as you may or, very possibly, may not know. A proper published writer of eight novels and some 15 to 20 works of non-fiction. A wordsmith, if you will. But you’re going to have to bear with me for a while because my brain isn’t working quite as it should.

So here’s the situation. For the last few decades, I’ve lived a life of more-or-less unexamined more-or-less content. Lucky me. But I think the ‘unexamined’ bit may be where I went wrong, because the rug has been well and truly pulled out from under me. And by the last person I would ever have suspected. The person I trusted entirely.

At first, in the place where the rug used to be, all I could see was a big black hole. And it looked so dark, so deep and so cold that I wondered if I might fall down it and never escape. But then I realised that there was another way of looking at things. Maybe, once the dust had cleared, underneath the rug, there might be a wooden floor that hadn’t been seen in years … if ever. Maybe, with the care and attention it deserved, that floor could start to look good again. There’ll be splinters, I’m sure, a few repairs, a lot of polishing but I think the floor is basically sound.

So that’s my project. And right here is where I’m going to be writing about it. And after all the work I’m going to be putting in on my floor, I’m not going to let anyone walk all over it or cover it up with a rug again. It’s my floor and it belongs to me! I am henceforth responsible for my own patina.


You did get that the whole floor thing was a metaphor, didn’t you?


4 thoughts on “Mexed Mitaphor

  1. wasn’t betrayed, but was left. After a long time, and seemingly without cause. Most definitely shockingly unexpected. But, onwards and upwards. The only way. Refuse to contaminate own soul with bitterness. Not Dead Yet! Will join you in floor polishing!

  2. Hello there – nice to see you here. I decided while writing this post that I need to go and see this painting in situ. Working out what will make me happy is the first step, I think. x

  3. Refreshingly honest, difficult situation for you to attune too, however you’ve obviously risen above it. Look after yourself and remember, your worth more than that, so no regrets. Onwards and upwards.

  4. Thank you. I can’t really claim to have risen above, mind you. I’m working on it, but some days I’m definitely sinking below! I’m a work in progress and, yes, onwards and upwards is the ONLY way to go now.

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