Look – what can I say? I’m sooo sorry!

I just popped out for a pint of milk, I took a wrong turning, ended up at Facebook, met a few people I knew, found out what 1980s sweet I am (CurlyWurly), did a bit of superpoking (!) then got lost coming home and found myself on Twitter.

And you’ve been waiting all this time for a cup of tea.


13 thoughts on “Look – what can I say? I’m sooo sorry!

  1. Here I was thinking that one of the not-Dr Who men had come after you. Glad you are safe and sound — in body, if not in mind.

  2. I’m a walnut whip person myself, in my opinion anyway. Glad you’re back and I’ll have a cuppa but only if it’s freshly brewed. Can’t stand stewed tea!!

  3. Have nothing clever to say as am completely knackered but wanted to say hello — thanks for following the crumb trail and woo hoo about book in the US and will seek it out. I will start lurking again.

  4. Ah, another WordPress casualty that got sucked into the Twitter war machine.
    How long are you going to stick around for this time?
    Where are you?
    Anyone at home?

  5. can-nan there have always been doubts about the latter. but i can still find the post office if i need to x
    thanks cc-h mmmmm sherbet – can’t stop thinking about sherbet.
    belleek bet they don’t have curlywurlies where you are now. shall i arrange care package? recently sent creme eggs to portugal, so why not?
    hooray lucy i think we can look forward to something a little stronger in a week or two? will you be there?
    hello sheepish i’ll make a fresh pot for you. walnut whips are available at m&s these days (o god – i seem to be an expert on sweets!)
    lurk away francesca you’re always welcome
    hi lori i fear my sense of direction is worse than most, tho …
    tsk, yerself m! you’re the one that lured me away in the first place (lol) and then abandoned me …
    mr farty do you normally accept follows from randomers then? (me too)
    rumbled poulet noir. i’m guessing you have a nom de plume! (i’ve got one of those too, btw)
    ister glad you’re keeping yourself pure!!!

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