Thank heaven for the internet!

The other day I had to buy a dozen double damask dinner napkins. Don’t ask why. I just did. Sometimes you simply have to do these things.

Anyway, thanks to the internet I was able simply to click in the appropriate place on the John Lewis website and didn’t have to go and actually ask for them. Who knows what might have happened otherwise!



15 thoughts on “Thank heaven for the internet!

  1. I am in awe of your lifestyle m’lady. I cannot imagine any circumstance in which I would be needing damask napkins. We make do with extra absorbency kitchen towels!

  2. tim – that’s just what they were expecting me to do!
    i’m sooooo posh, emma, it sometimes even amazes me …
    helloooo christopher! i thought of getting a proper copper coffee pot at the same time, and maybe some shoes – red leather AND yellow leather

  3. Fantastic!

    I have to buy sewing machines from John Lewis. Don’t ask why. And I was thinking what a pain in arse it would be having to go to The Trafford Centre (A God-awful shopping palace near Manchester), then I read this.

    I’ve ordered them online. All’s done.

    Thank you, Obi Wan.

  4. I on the other hand can do the tongue thing…I try it in the pub sometimes and just have a look round to see who has a far away look in her eyes….
    Happy Christmas Rivergirlie

  5. Not sure I could get my tongue round damask napkins either. Or my mind …

    But I feel my social status has to be elevated just by association with you, my dear posh friend. xxx

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