Do you think, perhaps, that John Trevolta might be Cornish?

Well, he might …

That looks a lot like fudge to me.

(We’ve been amusing ourselves today attempting to recite lines from his films in our impeccable Cornish accents. This is what one is reduced to when it rains and rains and rains on holiday!)


13 thoughts on “Do you think, perhaps, that John Trevolta might be Cornish?

  1. I see your Lovage/Lovitch, and raise you a Trevolta/Travolta.

    Or maybe you are even cleverer than I think, and the misspelling is deliberate, since Trevolta is a bit like Trevellan which is of course very Cornish. Yes, I expect that’s it.

    Damn, did I say all that out loud?

  2. ahhhh – the editor never rests. yes, that was it exactly. we were driving through tre- something or other and started trying to think of spurious cornish names. also, i plan to enhance this post even further by adding a pic of robin ellis (who played ross poldark and who looks a little bit like travolta) and pretending i think it’s the same person.

    damn, did i say all that out loud?

  3. Do you have any idea how much I adored Poldark? I even wanted to name the daughter Demelza, but this was laughed out of court. cf also Bathsheba. Which would have been a fine name for a Bath girl, I thought and still think.

    Actually that pic looks nothing like Trevolta or Robin Ellis. Is it Mr Rivergirlie? Has she shaved off his fine moustache?


  4. Well you know, Tre, Pol and Pen ….

    I used to love Podlark as a friend (since lost to us) used to call it.

    I think JT was more likely in the tropical bit of the Eden Project!

  5. Back in Cornwall, where are the Cornish accents? My ex-wife is Cornish, and she has a very mild accent, but all the neighbours when we lived in Falmouth: Geordie, Cockney, Polish, Asian, Jamaican, Black Country, Welsh, everything except Cornish.

    Also note, that virtually all schoolchildren in Cornwall sound like they have just come off the EastEnders studio set. My daughter told me once that to sound Cornish is hideously uncool.

    I’d like to know why Essex schoolchildren do not find their own accent hideously uncool (I’ve got nothing against Essex – it’s a great county).

    Two more rainy day games:

    Reciting Queen song lyrics in a Yorkshire accent .
    Song titles with the word “love” changed to “lunch”.

  6. John Travolta I LOVE you!!!I think you are so HOT and I am a big fan. You are an amazing actor and wen you sing I fill like I am melting in a good way like wen you were sining in Grease.And just to tell you I am only 12. My Birth Day is July 9th and I was born in 1996.I LOVE YOU John Travolta.xoxoxo

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