The hard, hard life of a writer

Yes, it’s most awfully tough. So much so that, sometimes, when the kids are safely at school, and sensible people are at the office, I just HAVE to go out for a walk with my friend, Marie. In the Cotswolds. On our own. In all that countryside.

It’s hell.

Particularly the path between Stanton and Stanway. Gruelling, just gruelling.

 It gets even tougher when you finally reach Stanway House.


And it’s not sunny vistas the whole way, y’know. You have to go through woods carpeted with wild garlic. 

Well someone’s got to do it. Those hills won’t walk themselves.


7 thoughts on “The hard, hard life of a writer

  1. Ten facts why Russians are clever then Americans

    1. Mostly I read 250 words in a minute.
    2. It’s impossible for me to invite a girl at café and pay for myself.
    3. Oxford is not the place where I never be.
    4. Blue jeans is wearing by losers.
    5. Bucks Bunnie is not a world hero.
    6. Geometry based on Greece philosophy
    7. First man in the space was Gagarin
    8. We drive better at 100 miles an hour
    9. In our blood we have thousand religions
    10. Poetry we learn at school to say on first date.

  2. dis you’ve probably got more countryside than you know what to do with now?
    ta steve – presume invoice is in the post?
    yes romo – with lashings of strawberry jam. yummers!
    dareboy wtf?

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