Oof! I saw David Tennant’s tummy

I might as well get in with this quick before the reviews of Hamlet at the RSC come out and everyone starts talking about staging and interpretation and all that. I propose to stick with what’s really important. Namely, the cheap (or rather, not so cheap) thrills available for those lucky enough to get their mitts on a ticket.

David Tennant

First off, let me apologise profusely for not providing photographic tummy proof. Immediately before the performance started there was the usual sonorous announcement about turning off mobile phones, followed by a severe warning against taking photographs or filming. (Not that I would, anyway – after all, I was raised in the jungle by Culture Vultures.) In addition, I’d had an email from the RSC just a few days earlier, rather snitty in tone, advising that actors would only be signing official RSC programmes and merchandise and that anyone selling their tickets on Ebay would be hung, drawn and quartered – or words to that effect. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Anyway, it’s a modern dress production, and all the better for it. In addition, Tennant’s delivery is so naturalistic and contemporary, the meaning of what he says is absolutely crystal clear for about 90 per cent of the play. There were moment when I felt he substituted animation for intensity, but overall I thought it was a great performance. He managed to make most of the jokes genuinely funny! No small achievement with Shakespeare. Interestingly, the big soliloquys went for almost nothing, being delivered without the huge “air quotes” they normally get, and woven seamlessly into the rest of the text. I thought this was a good thing but I’ll bet there are plenty of theatre buffs who’ll feel cheated.

Now – to the tummy. In jeans, t-shirt and bare feet, Tennant makes a believable 30 year old. He’s very thin so the jeans slip down a little and the t-shirt flaps around, as he dashes around the darkly mirrored stage. When it first appeared, there was an audible gasp from the front row ladies (who also leapt to their feet and screamed at the end when Tennant took his bow – I feared they might throw their undies … no warnings against that before the play started). By the end, I think we all felt we’d had our money’s worth – even those who’d paid squillions on Ebay, probably. 

The production – Out of 10, I’d give it an easy 11.

The tummy?  Ditto. Flat, well-muscled, pale as befits a Dane. He wears jeans very well. (Of course, all of this did nothing for me beyond the purely aesthetic – for reasons I’ll be explaining soon. Yes, it’s another theory. I’m afraid.)


22 thoughts on “Oof! I saw David Tennant’s tummy

  1. Please, please tell me that people didn’t applaud when he walked on.

    Disgruntled – I have a friend who feels just as you do, and I cannot sway her. I guess you either get it or you don’t. But basically it’s a triumph of charisma and intelligence over looks. Oh, and a VERY pretty mouth.

    I don’t see how they CAN go back to a non-hot Doctor. Though Stephen Moffat is said not to favour the soapier aspects of the series, so there may well be less lovestruck assistants…

  2. Disgruntled, it’s his intensity I think. And the way he plays being so alone that I go for. I know he’s not conventionally handsome but he has a wonderfully expressive face.

    RG thanks for that. Have managed to grab tickets for Hamlet in London and a kind friend got me some for LLL at Stratford. I’m afraid I will be squeeing away….(sorry Steve)

    I’d like to see less lovestruck assistants too, though…

  3. I think this adulation must make Ken Branagh die inside … which I can live with.

    PS How cool are your kids? Can you tell Il Principe that I have now listened to Avenged Sevenfold so that he is obliged under the terms of our agreement to listen to the Pixies

  4. I’m chuckling at Moobs’ comment.

    Ah. Hamlet would be very good as “a modern dress production” as the titular character is so very Emo.

    I can’t watch an entire episode of Dr. Who. The whole thing creeps me out.

  5. Branagh dreams of Shakespeare, Tennant lives it.

    I’m surprised to learn I have RSC Tennant envy, but there it is.

    Thank you for the tummy news; I love any tummy like that, male or female.

  6. He is completely not hot.

    A couple of years back he was holidaying in the same hotel as we were in Sardinia. He was skinny in an underfed studenty sort of way (you may argue as to his way with jeans, but he certainly doesn’t do baggy black shorts well); so pale as to be practically blue and skulked around in corners with Madame de Pompadour, presumably trying to avoid his fans although we were the only other Brits in the hotel and all the Italians and Germans had NO CLUE who he was.

    I thought about telling him to get over himself, have a big bowl of pasta and try relaxing in the sun for a bit but in the end I couldn’t be bothered. He seemed to be quite pleasant to the waiting staff though.

  7. Of all the bars in all the world he had to walk into yours – what a tragic, tragic waste. It’s the equivalent of my unexpectedly sharing a hot tub with the Italian football team (actually, a few months ago I DID share an outdoor jacuzzi with half the English rugby squad, something I unaccountably forgot to boast about).

    And if he skulks on holiday it is because he has spent the last couple of years being unfailingly lovely to the endless squealing hordes who mob him in Cardiff. I was at a premiere at the WMC which he kindly supported, and while he did his best to sprint for the private party in the interval he was immediately pounced on by shrill fans, to whom he was 100% accommodating. And friend who lives in his apartment block confirms this loveliness – he was even polite when she tripped him up with her bin bags and sent him spiralling head over heels into the lift, a scenario I find very easy to picture.

    Anyway, there’s a fine line between skulking and being wrapped up in Sophia Myles…

  8. If I was doing the sound at that gig I would have definitely have mixed in a little tardis sound effect, in a subtle way so that it would have been just audible to a small proportion of the audience.

  9. Sorry to lower the tone of this comments section but mwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh – I’d do ‘im.

    You may now lie about ever having met me.

  10. I reckon it comes down to whether or not you have actually watched Casanova and/or Doctor Who (same performance, essentially). If not, and you’re judging purely on looks, I can understand the bafflement.

    Coffee Boy, would that have been Look Back in Anger? I WISH I’d ‘discovered’ him at that point, when he came to Bath, it was dead easy to get an interview in those days. Now I’ll have to wait YEARS for him to leave Who, for the current hysteria to abate and the shine to go off. But hey, I’m a patient girl.

  11. The title of this blog post (I just typed glong post, so I really must stop commenting and make some coffee)

    Let me start again: The title of this blog post alone makes me feel all squiggly in my tummy (and possibly other parts).

    I can’t help it. He’s undeniably sexy. Well, unless you can deny it. And then, I would claim that you are BLIND! 🙂

  12. some of you are soo lucky to have seen him at a distance let alone see him close up
    i must admit i would feed him up and give him a little tan
    but its everyones preference to who the think cute sexy ugly
    i think david is sooo sexy in dr who as he plays someone who has power over everything i like a bad boy with a good side, but to meet him in real life would be a shocker as he is very pale and thin but i do belive he is genuinley kind, if that was me i would have lost it ages ago with all the screaming fans but he is sooo accommadating i would only want to see him once, and like many other people have idols, we like david
    and the people who say “i cant see what the interest is” ask them who they like not just fancy but who do they think is a great person and then say to them , “i cant see what all the interest is” thats how the david tennant fans feel ,we love the man for being a great actor and and a man who can try his hand at everything including voice changes and for having a great hair style and eyes that can melt a choclate bunny lol x

  13. Not only is his acting brilliant, and his look sweltering. (I think his eyes are always set to bedroom) He also had his appendix out, did you see his scar? I just had my appendix out so it makes me proud for DT and I to have something in common! I didn’t get to meet him..yet. But when I do, it just gives us something to talk about. Besides the fact our teachers always yell at us to shut up about Doctor Who.

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