It’s brgin!

theother dy my keybord pcked up. ctually, it ws the other night. t bout 11pm, s chnce would hve it, when I hd pressing dedline for the following dy. nd I thought, ‘Oh buggertion! Wht m I going to do?’ Then it occurred to me – in this 24/7 society of ours, I could simply go to Tesco nd by  new one. How cool would tht be?

so off I went nd – mazingly – the only one they hd tht wsn’t cordless (I hve deep nd biding suspicion of cordless keybords and opticl mice – opticl mice?!? wht sort of crzy world do we live in, eh?) ws from their vlue rnge. You know, the one in the blue box with the red nd white stripes. but they were discontinuing it, ccording to the lbel on the shelf. Thnk the Lord there ws one left – and reduced o only £4.20.

wht do you think?


18 thoughts on “It’s brgin!

  1. It’s like your typing has developed downmarket accent. Very charming. In manner of Katie Price but with out big fake tits. Not that I’m against big fake tits. Not at the moment at least.

  2. istrfckd indd!
    hi thr dbi! my nxt nvl wll b xprmntl (‘ll prbbly wn prz)
    oi by dint of doing exhaustive finger exercises, i seem to hve crcked it – oh – no i hvn’t. bh!
    wyndhm gd t s y gn! whr y bn?
    chstphr you need the finger power of a rock-climbing jazz pianist to mke this blsted thing work. my scheme of trying to play all the 48 might help (3 down, 45 to go!)
    nice one crg took me a litle while to work hat one ou! (o bgger – i’s gone funny again!)
    alph LOVE the idea of typing in an accent. (nd am v glad to hear that you’re not currently against huge fake breasts, or you might have trouble typing too)
    hullo moobs! i’m sill grinning idioically bw. unfortnaely, i someimes misses ou ” as well (as here). so no-one (excep he v deermined) undersnds me a all!
    hey brom are opticl mice the opposite of blind mice?

  3. £4.20 and it all works xcpt for th lttr ‘a’? I think that is a stal! Look at min! Stat of th art at work and can’t mak th scond vowl work at all!

  4. You miss me all the way here in ND, I sense that. Funny thing about this 24/7 society…with everyone’s blogs set on their own time zones, one could definitely get the impression that people never sleep. Of course, who’d be keeping track of that?

  5. P.S. Laugh with me Rivergirlie, you’re it. My clock says it’s one-thirty…better get my ass to the park and enjoy some rare sunshine. Yet, it’s 6:30pm according to your site…and it doesn’t make me even a bit hungry. Let me know when your tea time is though, I’m switching over.

  6. steve you re BRGIN t ny price! x
    hi bell you’re so right. i hve 109 keys on my keybord (yes, i’m relly tht sd – i just counter them) so tht’s unit price of less thn 5p per key overll. wht m i complining bout?
    growinguprtists you’re mzingly prolific – but there gain, you do hve ll your keys in working order. hve fun t the prk!
    romo the lovely becuse it’s there? xxx

  7. In answer to your question, it depends how you look at it.

    I have come to the conclusion that the punable quality of the opticl is not that brilliant. I humbly request more flexible posts in future.

  8. The 48? Wow! Really impressed! Is there a prize for guessing which 3? I bet they’re all Bk 2 No.2 (C minor), No.4 (D minor) and No.7 (E flat major).

    Your computer keyboard skills are clearly beginning to match my piano keyboard skills.

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