I’m tenuously tenuous!

But if you vote for me over at Moobz’ place, you could establish me as firmly tenuous. Go on – you know it makes sense. Go on – and I’ll owe you one, or maybe even more. Go on, go on, go on!



11 thoughts on “I’m tenuously tenuous!

  1. oh christopher – how very kind. especially when you don’t even know uncle monty. he’s a character played by the actor richard griffiths in a fantastic film called ‘withnail and i’. actually, richard has made a bit of a thing of playing uncles – he’s uncle vernon in the harry potter movies.
    he and his wife were possibly the nicest people you could ever buy a house from. i’d recommend them to anyone!

  2. I had absolutely no idea you were so competitive. How have you managed to hide this for so long? I want my hatching egg.

  3. brom fabulous punning, as ever! i shall simply take all 11 of you.
    lissie(!?!?) but you’ve seen me play croquet – surely this can come as no surprise? hope egg is satisfactory xx
    done the tendancy of tenants is tenacity (sadly, the tendancy of tennants is elusiveness, however – no sightings here)

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