It’s brgin!

theother dy my keybord pcked up. ctually, it ws the other night. t bout 11pm, s chnce would hve it, when I hd pressing dedline for the following dy. nd I thought, ‘Oh buggertion! Wht m I going to do?’ Then it occurred to me – in this 24/7 society of ours, I could simply go to Tesco nd by  new one. How cool would tht be?

so off I went nd – mazingly – the only one they hd tht wsn’t cordless (I hve deep nd biding suspicion of cordless keybords and opticl mice – opticl mice?!? wht sort of crzy world do we live in, eh?) ws from their vlue rnge. You know, the one in the blue box with the red nd white stripes. but they were discontinuing it, ccording to the lbel on the shelf. Thnk the Lord there ws one left – and reduced o only £4.20.

wht do you think?


I’m tenuously tenuous!

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