Tell me, where is fancy bred?

In the heart or in the head?

No, love. It’s in aisle 16, next to the pastries.



(someone found this blog yesterday by googling ‘hot nostrils’. how fabulous is that?)


16 thoughts on “Tell me, where is fancy bred?

  1. LOL! I think you might consider a change of blog title, or at least a hot nostrils subtitle!
    I think fancy is bred in the coffers of manufacturers, but that isn’t a very catchy phrase, alas.

  2. where? i don’t see any of this! i can see some bread, and that’s about it… maybe i’m not imaginative enough to see the random things that you creative folk are coming up with 🙂

    p.s. is that shakespeare? we had our shakespeare exam today and stupid mrs teacher told us that we were bound to have a question on caliban… lo and behold, we had a question on some randomer…. haha rinsed.


  3. oooh – it appears i have got one (but so has everyone else). please, someone clever, explain it all to me?
    bootsie my dear, that is a very poor excuse for not having revised stefano and trinculo. see me. (your brother’s done even less though, so i can’t really complain … won’t stop me, though) xx
    alph please send a large box of dristan. i hear canadian pharmaceuticals are the best. xx

  4. That avatar was assigned to me by some … thing, on the basis of the absurdity of my comment.

    I’ve had another look at the picture.

    Not seeing things any more.

    Hopefully, I’ll get a kettle or doormat beside my name now, to reflect a return to normality.

  5. I misread that as “it’s a size 16, next to the pastries” …

    … which is pretty much the size you would end up after eating too many pastries and too much bread.

  6. oh, very clever – I had forgotten I knew so much Shakespeare and got the next line straightaway! Then I faded ….

    I like the new WordPress avatars, whatever anyone else says …

  7. mel, y’see i provide a service
    that sounds a bit atkins betty. i’m afraid i wouldn’t know too much about that – pass the donuts, wouldya?
    belle i never claimed to be the premier resource for info on hot nostrils. i believe i’m on google page 2. but at one time, i came very top for ‘saggiest tits ever’. so very proud …

  8. moobs that is obviously a trick question, you absolute barrister! i’m going to plead the fifth … whatever that is.

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