If I only had a brain …

I distinctly remember having a conversation, some time ago, in which I said, ‘Well, I won’t forget that – it’s the day before the twins’ birthday.’

Unfortunately, that’s all I remember. I can’t recall who I was talking to. I can’t picture where I was when I said it. And I haven’t the faintest recollection of what it was I arranged to do. Tomorrow.

So if anyone’s expecting me … sorry!


11 thoughts on “If I only had a brain …

  1. For April 28th? Perhaps you were going to celebrate the 27th birthday of Jessica Alba? The death of Benito Mussolini? The second day of my 35th year on this planet? Hmm…

  2. They say Alzheimer’s isn’t when you can’t find your keys… it’s when you find your keys and can’t remember what they’re for.

    No more aluminium saucepans for you, ok?!

  3. Now you see I was going to put up a pithy nugget of wit about Alzhiemers as well….ermm…ermm…I should have written it down somewhere…mind you, maybe I did..

  4. Where were you? We waited and waited … The kids were really distressed. Several had to be persuaded not to give up on life entirely. How could you do this to these innocents? Their little faces were so sad, their little eyes so teary …

    Alarmed passers by called the police. Social services are now involved. Germany has invaded Poland.

    OMG, I can’t believe you’ve let us down like this …

  5. happy birthday to alph! i should have guessed – i’m always irresitibly drawn to taureans!
    i’ll follow that advice bec. my head is all jumbled up at the moment. which is tricky cos i have a novel to write in the next 9 weeks!
    so familiar meredic. i make loads of lists but … er … tend to lose them!
    ister i hope it was you i arranged to … whatver with, cos you’ll have forgotten too.
    ooh clive i remember now – i was going to bring the twiglets and a bottle of bailey’s, wasn’t i?
    done thing that must have been it. congratulations to your best friend. april is a very good month for twins.
    always glad to oblige corgi. hope you had at least two slices for me!
    ah pen, that warms my heart!
    dja know debi, even though i knew you were kidding (you were, weren’t you????) i felt myself go all hot and bothered as i read that. i always thought, catholic guilt-wise, i was the one that got away. looks like they did more of a number on me than i realised.
    lambada … note to self – must learn to do the lambada, solely to impress moobs

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