The RSC is open …

… to the elements.


Yep, someone’s taken the front off our theatre. If I were feeling very clever, I’d make some reference to ‘A Doll’s House’ but I can’t really be bothered.  You know you’re at the home of the lame pun, so feel free.

(By the way, this is what they call progress.)


17 thoughts on “The RSC is open …

  1. A quick google search reveals the tidbit that the reno is being done to construct an authentic Shakespearean thrust stage. I find the phrase ‘thrust stage’ to be endlessly — and pathetically — amusing.

    I suppose I too could make some clever reference to A Doll’s House, but I’m not nearly smart enough to carry it off.

  2. Damn – I thought I would cleverly craft a hilarious reference to Heinrik Ibsen into my comment but I really can’t think of anything witty to say at all. Perhaps I could work in a seagull or ? No – the cupboard of witty pun is dry. The luvvie in me is utterly spent and bereft of Simon Callowesque retort. Apologies.

  3. alph glad to know you’re as highbrow as i! yeah – that thrust (snigger) stage thang – the problem is, as i see it – with the swan, they now have 2 thrust (snort) stages and no pros. this means that when they tour to theatres that don’t have a thrust (fnar), they either have to completely restage the production (at huge cost) or restructure the inside of the theatre (at huge cost). also, in henry the something part whatever (you can tell i was paying attention), they had to lower actors to the end of the thrust (splutter) on one of those cage thingies that windowcleaners use. most risible! surely this whole undertaking was a decision fuelled by colombian sherbet?
    ister it’s so much better for the lungs – the obvious next step on from the smoking ban. and they get free running water too.
    rocky ooh seagull is good! interestingly, part of the ‘world class stratford’ makeoever has involved chopping down the cherry orchard in the bancroft gardens – a crime, in my view.

  4. the done thing you sound like a local boy. do you come here often? did you know shipston is now the epicentre of warwickshire cafe society? (according to the stratford herald)

  5. Just keeping an eye on things …

    In fact, I was trying to give myself a new identity, but buggered it up by accidently linking back to my old self.


    (went to a wedding near Stratford once, but you’ve read about that)

  6. They are obviously doing it in stages.

    Yes, lame – I’m sorry, but it is Tuesday!

    At least I learned something. A venue I sometimes visit has a Thrust stage, I always assumed it was sponsored by a land speed record attempt.

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