Me too!

(anyone else having trouble with youtube at the mo?)


5 thoughts on “Me too!

  1. That clip you linked to played fine, no probs. Sometimes youtube clips can stall because the internet connection is not as fast at downloading or streaming content as your ISP will claim to be.
    Happy Easter to you RG, hope you’re all well (how’s mum?).

  2. wotcher ister – you’re too right about connection speed. it was more that i couldn’t get it to share on the blog. normally the screen appears and you just click on that rather than having to paste in the link. heyho.
    happy easter to you, too. i’m v well indeed, thnx. my mum is … comfortable? i think that’s probably the right phrase, but she’s very tired a lot of the time. thank goodness we’re so close by. (and thanks for your kind wishes – means a lot) x

  3. Bob Hope looks uncannily like Graham Norton in that clip don’t you think? Yes I do hope you are looking after yourself and glad your mum is comfortable..hope you are having a good Easter xx

  4. Thanks for that – I enjoyed it the first tiem I saw it – (a long time ago now) and find that it still brings a smile to my lips. Have you seen the related clip (best Bob Hope line only 24 secs but the sting is in the tail.
    Happy Easter to you and everyone – good to know that your mum is comfortable take every positive as it comes.

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