Wrong, wrong, wrong

Who’s with me on this?


23 thoughts on “Wrong, wrong, wrong

  1. If ever I’ve seen them served up, they all face the same direction which freaks me out. Their little eyes stare up at me imploringly … “Save me! Save me!”

    NOOOOOOO. I’ve got to have a bit of a cry now. I’m scared.

  2. Whitebait is a Meditaranean (sp) delicacy. I first tried it as a toddler when my aunt cooked it for me.
    Delicious and not wrong at all. Honestly woman, what’s the matter with you? It’s just minature fish, deep fried and plenty of lemon, mmmm…

  3. You’ve just given me a horrible flashback to a Greek wine tasting and fish night in Crete. Basically it was drink as much cheap and horrible wine as you like and then you won’t notice how much of the scary fish eyes and bones you are crunching. I woke up in a square as they were packing the chairs away, then had to chase round the resort from my even drunker friend who had gone off with a Frenchman with designs on her body.

    The hangover still haunts me…

  4. I think that your sea bass is a bit on the small side but it probably depends on the pretentiousness of the restaurant – did you complain?

  5. Love the little fishies. Heads and all.

    I had them on Naxos, at a dinner graciously hosted by the family in charge of the B&B where I stayed. I was the only guest who ate (glad to know the dish’s name: whitebait) to the delight of my hostess who then tried to broker a marriage between me and her HOT HOT HOT son. Or else she wanted me to help him caulk the communal shower stall. Hmmm….

  6. ewww i am SO with you!

    my father frequents the slimy “delicacies” and the whole house smells appalling.

    seriously. i have to eat in the garden.

    i guess its not what you’d call the usual family set-up, but there you have it.

    anyway, i AM WITH YOU MY FRIEND.

  7. Whitebait! I haven’t had whitebait for ages. Ooooh yum!

    Reminds me of a little anecdote about Peter Mandalson: He was once out on the campaign trail and trying to prove he was down wit da common man by hanging out in a fish ‘n’ chip emporium. He ordered some chips then pointed to the mushy pees and said, “And some avocado dip, please.”

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