Before, when I said ‘Me too’, this is what I meant

DTS Hollywood Musical Moment –


I have been dabbling in the Yakult!

And here’s why.

In the last few weeks we have had a interloper cat troubling the tranquility of our lovely home (hemhem). And of our lovely cats. This beastly creature had probably once been someone’s pampered pet, but he’d gone feral and had been hanging round our gaffe for a while, I think, to judge from the torn binbags and the scratches and bites on our pair of softies. He gradually got bolder and bolder and eventually started coming in through the cat flap of a night (and even of a day, sometimes) and toughing up our cats whenever he saw them. We called him the Ginger Ninja. 

So one day, I was ejecting  him through the front door when something spooked him and he went bonkers and attacked me! Yes! Poor blameless little me – and sank his manky teeth and claws into my right forearm. Which proceeded to blow up like a balloon overnight, turn bright red from wrist to elbow and become very hot and sore indeed! It looked a bit like this:


But with fewer cloves.

So I took it along to show the doctor – who looked quite disgusted – and slapped me on the strongest antibiotics in his extensive repertoire – with hilarious results.

And that is why I have been avidly ingesting friendly bacteria in the form of Yakult. I’ve had enough of the unfriendly type.