Basically …

… you know you’re in for trouble when your teenager starts a sentence with the word ‘basically’.


10 thoughts on “Basically …

  1. hello billy dear. i’m not averse to conjunctions, as such. it’s just that waggly head thing they do when they say it. i think they’ve been watching ‘trisha’ or ‘judge judy’ or something. what i also get is that fantastic portmanteau expression ‘yeahbut’.

  2. Actually, the thing about ‘Actually’, is that, used as the first word in a pronouncement, the quieter it is said, the truer the pronouncement. Not teenagers at all.

    Ah heck, what do I know?

  3. Actually, a friend of mine who is a dad, woke this morning to make coffee tofind a strange boy in his house…in his kitchen having breakfast…
    The boy had spent the night… with his daughter…
    BASICALLY, it made for an ‘interesting morning’….

  4. dis if you ever find your way out of the maze of packing cases to read this – i seem to recall it’s pronounced ackshully. and you can pack a whole load of attitue into that single first syllable.
    corgi hello there, sweetie. your off-blog messages are much appreciated. but did you know there’s no ‘t’ is ‘whatever’. it’s more like ‘wha -evaaa’. in answer to your question – she’s on a more even keel, thanks and that’s good for everyone. the earth quake …. i slept right through it! it did cause quite a bit of damage further east, i think, but nothing round here.
    alph have you seen juno? i thought it was fantastic – and so did the twins. i’ll be in touch through other means for a catchup.
    steve innit? innit though?
    mango yes – that’s quite a different use of the word. interesting that – how you can change it so much just with inflection.
    oooh pen the flies on the wall must have a tale to tell. i’m so not looking forward to the twins reaching that stage!

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