Les Fleurs du Mall

I don’t believe Baudelaire wrote much about shopping. More’s the pity. But I bet his ennui and degout would have been in full flow if he’d spent this Saturday in Birmingham at the Bullring shopping mall (is that an adequate word to describe this temple to enlightenment through shopping? I fear not), queueing to get into a queue to get onto a escalator to join another queue to get into Selfridges to join a queue to part with his hard earned cash. 

Think I might go a write a slim volume of exquisite yet degenerate verse.


21 thoughts on “Les Fleurs du Mall

  1. The Metro Centre up here in the Frozen North is equally vile. I cannot go to such places. They make me harbour violent fantasies of running amuck with Boomstick & Chainsaw like Ash in the Evil Dead and I am out of sorts for the whole day. Plus, I immediately get hopelessly fucking lost.

  2. My enduring memory of the Bullring is of sitting in a grotty cafe watching a toothless old woman opposite folding mashed potato and gravy and eating the mixture off the edge of her knife.

    That was in the 1980’s. I presume things have changed a lot.

  3. greetings gilbert your feelings are quite understandable. (probably best not to indulge your deepseated desires, though – strangely, things like that seem to upset people)
    debi if it was in b/w it would look like one of those german expressionist movies – metropolis or summat. cat’s nose – yes. dog’s bum – no.
    curious i am an amateur – talented, mind you – but am quite happy to stay that way if tyson’s corner is the alternative. scarrrrrry!
    billy, billy, billy you just go on getting better and better!
    betty i expect that toothless crone was me! the bullring has been poshed up, as you can see. but the essential brumminess can never be expunged. orrroight?
    flutter the matrix, indeed. and a very over-crowded matrix at the moment.
    rilly my dearest! you know what i mad mutha i am at heart! and thank you for that delightful pun – you’ve inspired another post. xxxx

  4. I love the Bullring! However I find that Touchwood is better if you want a less hectic, more refined atmosphere!

    The Bullring is more about ‘fashionable’ clothes and Touchwood had ‘John Lewis’! Need I say more??

  5. This is why I love the internet and the birth of a new christmas tradition: the Amazon has failed to deliver your present IOU.

    Merry Christmas to you and your famille.

  6. When you see photo’s like that you can almost understand indiscriminate mall shootings! Well, ok, not really but you know what I mean…I can’t do squishy sweaty shopping malls like that. All those escalators look like a modern day Hieronymous Bosch to me – hideous – lots of people going permanently up and down to hell. Aaagh – let me out!

    Hope you had a lovely Christmas and are not too exhausted. xx

  7. Come on now, you must embrace the joys of internet shopping and Ebay like I do! I did not even leave the house to shop this year (but only because my hubby did all the christmas shopping). Happy New Year!

  8. Baudelaire would have shot Rimbaud a lot sooner if they’d had to go Christmas shopping toether, I’m sure. Whenever I used to go to Ikea with ex-Mr P, we were ready to kill each other before we’d even got there.

  9. I love shopping but then I look a battery chickens enviously. If you want me to go shopping on your behalf, please feel free to bung over your credit card details.

    Happy New Year, RG!

  10. I’ve just read about Selfridge’s for the second time in my life (the first being here) in Laurie R. King’s new novel, “Touchstone.” Much is made of it by the aristocracy in the novel.

    With all the blog contests (NaBLoPoMo and Blog 365) going ’round, I’m wondering whether perhaps you might have signed up with some sort of Only Once Month Posters? (tongue firmly in cheek).

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