Does anyone … and I mean anyone at all …

… like glace cherries?

I mean, honest to God, who could take a lovely, lovely gorgeous scrummy thing like a cherry (they are my desert island fruit, after all) and make a slimy, chewy, sickly, fakey abomination of it and then expect people not to notice?

I’ve not yet met a single solitary person who actually likes them. Not everyone, admittedly, runs screaming from the room whenever they’re mentioned, the way I do. But most people at least prise them from whatever they’re eating and leave them pointedly on the side of the plate.

So how, pray, has the glace cherry industry survived all these years? I can only conclude that glace cherries are a by-product of some other process – you know, like flouride was with uranium mining, or whatever – and some clever dick has managed to persuade the masses that they actually had a use. Maybe it’s those cherry stone heated pillows that you can buy at Christmas markets up and down the country.

It’s the only explanation.


28 thoughts on “Does anyone … and I mean anyone at all …

  1. “flouride” and “uranium mining” — bu-hahaha! :)) I fell outta my chair. Yep, it’s true. They’re gross and probably not really food.

  2. If they sit a top a cupcake bought from the bakery, I will bite it off and spit it out at an unsuspecting passer-by in the street. The glace cherry is therefore recycled into an item of amusing ammunition.

  3. i can’t fathom it either

    whenever i’ve bought myself one of those iced biscuits, i always remove the cherry and try to palm it off on my preschool children, who instantly pull a face which screams utter disgust even though i am smiling inanely and saying ‘ooh, yummy, try this cherry!’

    ergo: to dislike the glace cherry is genetically hardwired

    ergo: this is one of life’s deepest mysteries

  4. The only good thing about glace cherries is that sometimes come surrounded by cherry bakewell tarts… but, obviously, you remove the glace cherry and dispose of eat before eating the bakewell.

  5. I did have try some Genoa cake at university once rivergirlie, but I was young, I was experimenting, there was peer pressure and I didn’t inhale. I hope this doesn’t mean I’m banned; I feel ashamed just to rememeber it, sigh

  6. Ouch. I erm .Do like glace cherries. Sorry about that. I realise it is a rather disgusting thing to like eating along with pot noodles and licorice allsorts, but you have to feel sorry for me. It’s an illness. I can’t help myself…

  7. I like them. I buy whole bottles of them and pour the syrup that they come in over ice cream, to make taste of something. I also put them in Singapore Slings next to the pineapple.

    On a typical evening, I like to sit at home in a kimono, with my Singapore Sling in one hand and my bowl of Iceland Value vanilla ice cream in the other. On my face I wear my Caesar-Is-Slightly-Bored rictus, perfected during hours spent in lapdancing bars with a peach-like bare bottom inches from my nose. And I think to myself: it’s a decadent life chez Bawgies.

  8. My Cherry Madeira cake is famous round here, I’ll have you know.

    Mostly for having a sticky, rock-hard layer of cherries at the base of the cake, and bugger all anywhere else.

    But still. I like it.

  9. When I was younger I ate them all when HE teacher turned her back. She came back to my table saying where did they go? And my mouth was stuffed with them. They were going to be ruined anyway in some sort of bread.

  10. I went off them for lent. I am just dieing!!!!!!!!!!! But I found a substitute. Cadburys Mini Stawberry rolls! After lent I will eat both.


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