Remember …

… not to accidentally wash a poppy in with your whites …

… or you’re likely to remember it for some time.

(My sister told me that.)


11 thoughts on “Remembrance

  1. flutter i’m not sure that ‘heh’ was exactly what she said – but pretty close.
    ok corgimom you’re going to have to explain that! i’m all agog …

  2. Oh dear. You know how your sis told you about the poppies and the whites?…the frog isn’t my own story. Sorry I don’t know more details.
    (slinking back to my doghouse to sit quietly).
    (unless you want to do a Tenuous Connection to Laundry Disasters contest, a la Moobs?)

  3. corgi disturbingly honest of you! i’d have been tempted to fake it. i used to search my sons pockets for snails before i put his clothes into wash, though – he loved snails. he had one called finlay that he kept going for ages.

  4. they don’t ‘do’ poppies over here, so that’s a relief. it’s everything else that i forget to take out of my kids clothing that is worrying, not to mention the Twat’s. and three of those mentioned are either 18 or over, so should know better.

    i give up when it comes to boys.

    (i have 3 kids and a Twat, all of whom i love dearly – until it comes to washing their clothes ….)

  5. Snap! I’ve peeled a few dessicated and rather dry escargots off the inside of Squidget’s trousers. Poor snail. What a way to go. We had one called Geoffrey for ages. He became at one with the Hotpoint Ultima unfortunately.

  6. There is a rather sad juxtaposition on the road to the station in Merton Park. First come the memorial wreaths for the honoured dead, then comes the yellowing bouquets taped to a lampost to commemorate a man beaten to death outside the Chinese takeaway.

    Yours sunnily


  7. How long after Remembrance Day is it permissible to wear a poppy? Is it like Christmas decorations, which must be removed within 12 days for fear of ill fortune, or like Red Nose Day radiator grille noses, which can apparently be left for decades till they lose their colour and begin to resemble a childbearing woman’s diaphragm?

  8. I was in Richmond once and I saw a “poppy factory”. Initially I suspected it was an opium den then I thought that poppies only grew in the green fields of France until I realised they meant the plastic things for Rememberence Day.

    Silly me.

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