Dedicated follower of fashion

I may have mentioned before that my son is extremely thin.

Anyway, he’s got himself a pair of red drainpipes – except on him they’re quite baggy – and he looks a little like this:



13 thoughts on “Dedicated follower of fashion

  1. Those birds are known as Red Legs, aren’t they? I think there are similar birds called Yellow Legs too, but I’m not aware of the Stonewashed ’80’s Denim Legs bird …

  2. Oh bless him! He must be really happy and proud and look cool so that is all that matters. As long as he doesn’t go wading in them or start walking like Max Wall you will be fine. I saw a mother with her teenage son and his girlfriend at half term on Richmond Station. The boy and the girl were around 14 and at that awkward slightly lumpy not grown tall enough stage PLUS they were goths! There was the mother obviously taking them to some gallery or museum with them trailing around looking really pleased with themselves in the most revolting floor-length faux-leather macs. Hideous. They both had fairish hair dyed black and black eyeliner on too with big goth boots on. I had to try extremely hard not to laugh out loud – not in a horrid way but I immediately recognised that early teenage air – trying so hard but not getting it quite right lovely innocence about them. The mother just carried on two steps ahead I guess so she didn’t have to look at them too much. I’ve got it all to come….

  3. Oh my! Is he an Aquarian by any chance? My son is and those who are staunch believers in such things assure me his hair and fashion sense will be rather unique…thanks for lighting the way a bit!

  4. I can verify Aquarian = unique fashion sense as I am one and have often been accused and guilty of that charge. Currently wearing 40’s jewellery and gold lurex socks and pinstripe drainpipe trousers.

  5. betty such a bird would be c-o-o-o-l
    dis his legs don’t actually bend backwards but they sort of look like they might. he’s very knobbly.
    flutter my reaction too. i managed to turn it into a cough though.
    alph i’d forgotten you like in the frozen north. are there icicles on your roof already? he could probably fit several layers of thermals underneath, if he wanter, such is his spindliness. but apparently it’s not cool to be warm. fortunately he seems very warm-blooded – probably cos he never stays still for a second!
    billy his beak isn’t quite that emphatic but he does have a kind of gravity-defying crest on top of his head.
    romo he is SO pleased with himself! i also got him (for this show he’s in) some tartan/punk/goth types loafers … V sexpistols! unfortunately he’s doing this thing where they pull their trousers down a bit to reveal his boxers with the result that the crotch of his trousers is a bit low. it reminds me of that bit in mary poppins when dick van dycke (sp?) does the penguin dance. i don’t think that’s quite the effect he’s going for though. must admit that, like you, i sometimes guffaw quite loudly when i see teens around town these days! i’m sure i NEVER looked ridiculous at all as a teenager (fortunately, i’ve destroyed all evidence to the contrary!)
    corgimom taurus, actually. so i expect this is just a phase!
    romo pictures plz!!!!

  6. Hmm. I may poke fun at yoof fashions, but then I was the proud owner of a pair of purple pedal pushers. And pixie boots. And an asymmetric jumper. I may even have worn them all at once, with my hair in a lady-Di style flick to boot.

    You can just shoot me now

  7. That sounds great and very stylish disgruntled – don’t be ashamed. I had an out of body experience in Office Shoes the other day lloking at all the replicas of hideous shoes I used to wear in c.1980. I suddenly felt really old and had to shuffle out in my battered Converse…

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