Tell it like it is …. or not

The lovely Debi Alper led me to this brilliant Mitchell & Webb sketch of a meeting between a hapless author and his agent/editor. Sooooo funny.


12 thoughts on “Tell it like it is …. or not

  1. you’re most DEFINITELY lovely. but don’t you just love the blank look in his eye (the author i mean – which one is he? mitchell or webb?) as he tries to keep up … or not.

  2. Thanks – well not thanks but well great or not.
    I really enjoyed this. I thought their Apple vs Mac series of ads were good but this is even not better. (Apologies for my humble or not parody)

  3. cronz i know what you mean, cronz. that’s slightly how the inside of my head operates too!
    alph ever considered setting up as an agent?
    pen thank goodnes he’s an ex!
    james i liked those ads too – but i was slightly miffed (if resigned) about finding myself on the geeky, dull pc side once again! we spent last night on youtube looking up all the mitchell&webb we could find – brilliant – especially the ‘henchmen’ sketch. check it out.
    moobs thankfully not, as far as my agent and editor go – but it’s just like all tv development meetings i’ve ever been to! … obviously – or not

  4. The henchmen sketch is excellent too. But then reality always catches up and spoils it. I was just reading about how (unbelievably) the Met did a similar with the Menezes shooting. Commander Dick said to ‘stop’ him, but didn’t necessarily mean by shooting him in the head seven times; her henchmen just assumed. It sounds like a sketch – I mean ‘Cressida Dick’! – but it’s apparently real life.

  5. rob i didn’t know about that about the menezes thing, but it reminded me of the derek bentley case –
    he was hanged in ’53 at the age of 19 – his accomplice, who was underage, had shot a policeman. bentley (who was acknowledged as having special needs – or whatever they called it in those days) urged the boy to ‘let him have it’ when the unfortunate copper asked for the gun to be handed over. who know’s what he actually meant, but is was death penalty by proxy effectively. very sad story all round.
    poor old cressida – mind you, could be worse. they could have called her ophelia!
    david/’s girl are you going all typographical on me? or was that a mis-hit?

  6. I love Peep Show.

    Jez (Robert Webb) trying to prove to his liberated girlfriend that he’s cool with an open relationship by letting her have sex with another man: “This is good, this is like watching a porno except I can’t see anything, I haven’t got a hard-on and I want to cry.”

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