If Gary Numan

has become Gary Oldman

then does it follow that Kate Moss

will grow into Kate Bush?

Love those seaweed arms!


15 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. Damnit, I’ve just realised that all this time I’ve been thinking Gary Numan and Gary Oldman were the same person. Are you telling me they’re not?

    Won’t Kate Moss become Kate Mosse?

  2. Hey, hands off Kate Bush. I had a HUGE poster of just her head in my room in coll, so nice to wake up to.

    It’s a good theory though, to lichen them like that. Lichen, geddit?? Oh, never mind. 🙂

  3. dis me too. i’m not fussy.
    brom you’re on good form! must be the coffee grounds …
    lucy i’ll look forward to seeing your kate bush outfit in december!
    tim or maybe jibby bean?
    moobs not a big kate moss fan, then?
    brom your such a fun guy to have around (geddit?). anyway, what sort of a name is fearne?????

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