If there’s anyone left in the world that hasn’t seen this yet …

… then this is for you. x


11 thoughts on “If there’s anyone left in the world that hasn’t seen this yet …

  1. me! i haven’t/hadn’t seen it! (does this make me a loser and/or do i need to join some more social networking sites?)

    p.s. golly gosh, you *have* gone very mohammed al fayed-y green

  2. ahhh – glad to introduce you then – my kids spent about 7 hours straight watching it over and over and over again. i love the way you can see the baby kind of inflate before he sneezes. and the way the mother calmly returns to her bamboo – which i’d been that laid back!
    (btw it makes you the opposite of a loser … winner? … and NONONONO do NOT join any more networking sites.
    this is the top peoples’ blog … but where o where are the krispy kremes?

  3. I played this for my kiddo last night and he laughed uncontrollably then managed to gasp, “Again?!” We played it five or six times just to hear him laugh and to laugh with him.
    Thanks so very much!

  4. My god (of the pagan variety). Your blog has turned into a green thing, befitting fans of dungeons and dragons, the swiss family robinson and hunter-gathering …

    I LOVE IT!

  5. sorry – i’ve been slack.
    rilly sorry to hear of you tribulations. maybe you should eat less bamboo?
    cronz, jayne (welcome, btw) and sheepish glad to have made you laugh. send it on. more innocent merriment is needed in these dark days.
    100words where HAVE you been? writing that novel at last? if i told you someone else said it reminded her of harrods, would you still like it, i wonder? i disclaim all knowledge – my daughter did i before she left for france because she thought it was too dull! (i’m hoping that she didn’t just mean the writing)

  6. I find it kind of sad since the two pandas seem to be living in some sort of sterile concrete bunker – like one great echo chamber. Dear god, do you suppose Bin Laden is in there with them? I dig your new digs. Very classy. Very fresh. Not at all bunker like.

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