Duh …


I’ve just spectacularly failed to put a Justgiving widget into my sidebar (yeah, it’s all Greek to me too), because (apparently) the text widget won’t accept anything fancier than straight html.

Yeah – whatever.

So i’m trying again here:

Oh blast! I’ll just have to settle for a link for now.

Anyway, the point is my son is lucky enough to be taking part in one of the OXJAM events: a newly devised youth production of Pink Floyd’s The Wall at The Dream Factory, a purpose-built (and quite wonderful) theatre for young people in Warwick. It’s going to be fabbydabbydoo (and I’m obviously quite unbiased) so come along, do. Or if you can’t, you can always sponsor him (but until I can work out how to do the widget, just click above). Pretty please. 

Damnit! If I had a brain, I’d be dangerous!!!!

(Haha and tralala – I’ve managed to get A widget in me sidebar – ooermissus – but not THE widget – the very posh one that shows you how you’re progressing towards your target. If I had, you would see that a vair vair nice man has been vair vair nice already.)


7 thoughts on “Duh …

  1. Oh, man. My stepson is doing a thing for his class (selling Xmas stuff) and my cousin needs money to go to Washington D.C. with his football team. ARG! Sorry, I can’t help, but a production of The Wall is amazing, especially a youth one! You must have the coolest kid ever!

  2. I gave! I gave! Not very much but I hope it helps. Fantastic that he is in the production. Best of luck. DOes he have to sing “We don’t need no edu-cayshun” a la the original?!

  3. you did! you did! and thank you VERY much. you’re a darlin’ – he’s really enjoying it so far. i’ve managed to winkle out of him that he DOES have to sing ‘we don’t need no educayshun’ … a contradiction in terms, if ever i heard one. xxxx
    ps – how are you plans going for half term?

  4. Ooh – half term been scuppered by visiting friend from Australia! Let me know if you are coming down to London any weekend. Likewise – I will prob be coming down your way one weekend before Christmas. x

  5. keep me informed romo. x
    i AM proud moobs, indeed i am. i’m not sure james would scare the crap out of anyone in his current form, mind you. although he often moves at very high velocity, his mass is extremely low – he’s kind of like an electron. he’s developed a nice line in coming in from rehearsals, flopping down in a chair and sighing, ‘you’ve no idea HOW tired i am!’. all ready for adult life, then. xxx

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