A koan for you – not very Zen, but the best I can do

If a woman stands in her kitchen, and both her children are on a school trip to France for the whole week, does she still exist?


18 thoughts on “A koan for you – not very Zen, but the best I can do

  1. Hmm. Doesn’t it depend on who is doing the defining? If it was your children, I’d say ‘Duh-huh!‘ Or possibly ‘Whatever’. If it was your blogchums, I’d say You Exist In As Much As You Ever Did (Hooray) and if I was you . . . . . . .?

    (And yes. Lurvely new look.)

  2. I love the idea of temporarily reverting to a previous existence, but I suspect she will have forgotten how…

    I think the answer as far as the offspring are concerned is she only exists when she is on hand to pamper, cosset, and take to school/the gym/parties etc. If yours are anything like mine out of sight really does mean out of mind.

    She may of course exist in a plane between universes which gives her a brief and glorious glimpse of a future where she no longer exists solely as a mother but may go back to that aforementioned previous self.

    Or better still evolve into a new improved, sans offspring version….

  3. I’m with Wyndham, and my comment was “What the hell was she doing in the kitchen in the first place”?

    Oh, as people are commenting on your new look, I was going to say that the graphic thinggy reminded me of a clock I once tried to fix without sucess.

  4. Another point of view do the children still exist or will she have to reinvent them after she has finished her cappuccino? Does the rest of the house exist? I am sure that this response exists … or am !
    Help!! I am trapped inside a compxxxx

  5. brom you’ve correctly discerned that the kitchen is not my natural environment.
    nat glad you like it! my daughter did it on a whim before going off to france. i neeeeed to know.
    james are you at work today, cos i’ll be down later. we could do that drink? i’ll email you. (i’, pretty sure i WILL have to reinvent the kids when they get back, but maybe not in the way you mean. are you having a reality crisis? what have you been reading – or, indeed, consuming lately?!)

  6. Yes, but with her heart several hundred miles away perhaps?

    here’s one for you…
    if a man walking down the path without his wife, is having some internal dialogue and no one can hear him….

    is he still wrong?

  7. God – if that was me I would be panicking and feeling like Wendy Craig in Butterflies. Where’s Leonard when you need him? I think you are very brave letting two children go off like that – I guess I have it all to come. I hope you did something you wanted to do as well as downing a nice glass of wine!

  8. I know you’re not supposed to answer koans, but presumably the mother still exists, but only when she is worrying that her children are getting drunk on “33 Export” lager and buying their first porn.

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