Meta blogger. Several, in fact.

Do you see what I did there?

Right. So Billy (whom I’ve never met … yet) wrote a very interesting post – in all fairness, he never writes anything but, and so prolific! – inspired by an article in the Guardian about the illusory nature of social networking websites, like Facebook and Myspace. The thrust (I feel I know you well enough now to use that term) of the article was that you don’t make real, proper friends on those kind of sites. Well, so far, so uncontentious. I’ve got a Myspace and although I enjoy the pick’n’mix nature of being able to see who’s whose friend and what kind of music they’re listening to, and the inestimable joy of being able to pry on people I used to know at uni before deciding if Iwant to get in touch with them again, I wouldn’t say it’s particularly enhanced my social life.

Blogging, though …

Help me with an analogy, would you? Myspace is to Blogging as … what? Coke Zero is to Cab Sauv? Maybe not quite, but you get what I mean. It’s a completely different experience. Much more in-depth.

Y’see, with blogging to get to ‘try before you buy’ as it were. When people are writing a couple of hundred words, two or three times a week, you can really develop a feel for who you’re dealing with. You can, dare I say, get to know them. And, if you like what you read, and if time and contingency permits, you can meet up. Some have even met the lurve of their life this way. And you can’t argue with that. So far, my experiences on this score have been super-duper and I’d have to say that, in that respect blogging has definitely enhanced my social network.

In the last few months, I’ve had coffee with this one when she was on her honeymoon (I know!), had lunch with this, rather petite one, here then with this one, here (that may be cheating, because we’ve known each other for ages – so shoot me). Then just the other day, I went to see Alabama 3 (see post below) with this one (whose bf didn’t particularly seem to be a twat, but I haven’t read her book yet, so I’d better reserve judgement), this one, who had a bad back and went early and this one, who may be troubled but who is vair, vair twinkly and who, I suspect, was probably still dancing as the sun came up.

Missed out a couple of times. Was unable to partay with this one because of an invasion of Venetians, and this one blew me out because she was poorly. Boooo.

Oh, and soon I’m hoping to meet up again with a Band of Wild Blogging Desperadoes – hereinafter to be known as BWBD … but that’s another story.


27 thoughts on “Meta blogger. Several, in fact.

  1. Huh! And you haven’t mentioned this one who must organise herself to meet up properly with you.

    I agree – You do make friends in bloggyland,, though my husband doesn’t believe me.

    love Julesxx

  2. The thought that someone might know who they’re dealing with if they read my blog is a bit disturbing. They probably would though actually: there isn’t much depth to me!

    The idea of meeting up with other bloggers is too terrifying to contemplate.

  3. Do please plan on my visit in the summer of 2009, when I’ll be stopping briefly in England before hiking Ireland. If you’d like, we can meet on the Scilly Isles, a place which I visit daily via their webcam.
    I correspond with and have shared meals with folks that I’ve met through their blogs, and even those I’ve met through our comments on someone else’s blog.
    I’ve never done MySpace or Facebook so can’t offer a comparative opinion other than to say I enjoy blogging so much that I don’t have time for the other two types of internet socialization.
    Thanks for a thoughtful post and for sharing with us the folks you’ve met and would like to meet!

  4. jane/jules (you’re going to have to get over this identity crisis, y’know), since you are one of the Band of Wild Blogging Desperadoes (sp?) I’m hoping to see you before very long. xxx
    meredic hallet’s mountain sounds heavenly and very visitable. it was terribly rude of me not to comment on how beautiful that photo was, btw, but i was obssessing! soz
    betty you ARE enigmatic, you know you are. as for not wanting to meet other bloggers – it’s only fair you should know, i can NEVER resist a challenge!
    cronz i’ve long wanted to go to the scillies. i’m told bryher is supreme. we should make a plan. xx

  5. We’ll have to partake of cake and the finest wines known to humanity some time.

    I must express my disappointment that blogging has yet to make any improvement on my love life though.

    Er… those two comments are in no way connected, of course.

  6. Mr Farty, I am real, it’s the rest of you that aren’t.

    Would I like to dance at another A3 gig again with rivergirlie? Of course not, she’s ME. I hope that I remember to remind myself the next time that they are in London so that I and I can dance away the evening – it was awesome, as one of my daughters tends to say.

    FUCK! A spider has just gone down my cleavage …. glass …. paper ….. window …. shit.

  7. You certainly get around….
    As with Facebook, I do find it odd….
    I like the medium as I have reconnected with a great deal of ‘lost’ friends…
    And to read of everyone’s news is indeed wonderful but the issue I have is when someone asks to be my friend… and they are a blogger and I know them only by a monniker… and then I have like a ‘Jean Estelle Smith’ wants to be your friend…
    And I think I do not knowa ‘Jean Estelle Smith’…. Who the heck is ‘Jean Estelle Smith’???
    Jean Estelle Smith may be some hot mommy blogger but has not written me to tell me her true name and our connection… Facebook is about putting a Face to a name…
    One if they want to be my friend should also place a name to the blogger…

  8. If people want to meet people, then they should do it the old fashioned way, such as taking flower arranging classes at a church hall for example. In my day, we all used to meet in the village square for a pleasant bicycle ride around the nearby fields (weather permitting). All you had to remember was to wear sensible clothing such as bicycle clips and long flowery frocks – some of us even brought our flasks filled with tea! It was so much more natural to meet others in that way.

    MySpace? WordPress? Facebook? Tribe? Blogger? Bebo? Schmebo?
    Pah! I have nothing to do with any of them!

  9. I have made some very dear friends in the blogworld, with whom I meet up with on a regular basis. My mother still thinks blogging is ‘very dangerous’ though, as all bloggers are, by dint of using the internet, either terrorists, paedophiles or pornographers. In my experience they are mostly writers. Just a bit different.

  10. ooh rg you’ve changed your look, I didn’t recognise you!

    I was joking…. I’d love to meet up with everyone, but my weekends tend to be rather fraught, and I’m off to Poland next week without either children or spouse so I have used up all my get out of jail free cards for the next millenium probably.

    And sorry to be so schizophrenic name wise. Blame it on me being a twin.

    Political Umpire renamed me Janlia on his blog which I thought was hilarious.

  11. I’ve been lucky enough to meet about 10 different bloggers at various times. Each event was a very enjoyable experience. I have also met some Mice Pacers which was also OK, except they were mostly musicians, which is the only reason I exist on that particular medium. Too tacky IMHO.

    If you are going to the kitchen pour me another glass of Blogspot please.

  12. I like the “new look” but also nearly passed you by. I don’t know, if you don’t call by for a few days it all changes. I am not sure my English is making sense this morning, too much wine last night I expect!!
    Anyway an interesting post, I can only manage blogging, that takes me long enough!!!!! So far have never encountered another blogger, maybe one day.
    P.S. loved the two pics the other day, both scrumptious.

  13. dis i missed YOU too? that makes it even worse. we’ll have to make a plan.
    steve mmmmm cake! i’m off to google amon tobin straight away.
    mr f i’m your imaginary friend
    zoe so you and i are the same person – well that explains a lot! i agree i’n’i must hook up again soon. spider – cleavage – heeeeelp!
    mike i speak as i find! x
    pen good point. maybe the two work in parallel, with face/space as the icing on the blogging cake (and you know how i feel about cake!)
    ister i’m so glad SOMEONE is prepared to maintain standards in these troubled days. fancy a game of crown green bowls later?
    ms m i so agree – except i’m alway warning my kids about the dangers of people met on the internet, then dash off to london to see a bunch of them myself. bit different to chatrooms, though, innit?
    jane POLAND! fantastic. lucky you. but will you not be at the next blogmeet? what do you think of the look, btw? harriet changed it unbidden, because she thought it looked too dull! how very 13 of her!
    brom writers, musicians and 14-year-olds seem the form the main population of mice pace (took me a good few beats to work out what you meant there). rockmother calls it ‘munterspace’.
    billy credit where it’s due. i’ve come across most of this lot because they’re in a writing forum i frequent. or are friends of friends. how’s the blovel going?
    sheepish when you’re spending so much time pursuing livestock, i’m amazed you can blog at all! x

  14. RG I think I probably won’t be at the next blogmeet as I know I have a dinner party to go in the evening and my children’s activities take me to gone lunch time on a sat. So I supppose I could squeeze a window and dash up to London for a couple of hours, but it might be pushing it….

    I find it hard enough keeping a social life in the real world let alone meeting up with my bloggy friends. Who I would really really like to meet just it’s a bit difficult.

    New Look.

    Hm. A bit green?
    love jx

    Luckily the 11 year old hasn’t worked out she could do that to me. I dread to think of the results!

  15. I couldn’t agree more with the difference in styles between making ‘friends’ on Myspace versus blogging.

    Friendships should be created organically.

    Can you imagine if Myspace rules were used in real life? Going up to complete strangers – “Here are some photos of me, drunk at a wedding. Be my friend!” You’re never going to be really close, are you.

    A friend of mine who doesn’t really do the whole internet thing, but was trying to fit in, said to a girl I know, “Are you on MyFace?”

    Buy us a drink, and we’ll see.

  16. jane – or whatever alias you’re going by now oh arse. i was looking forward to that. (mind you, i haven’t exactly established that i can go yet!)
    clive you’re so right – the rules of engagement on myspace are those that would apply on a drunken hen-night! i’d rather sidle up, lurk for a bit, drop in the odd comment and possibly end up conversing regularly – oh yeah – they call that blogging.
    dis you betcha. we should make a plan! (and rope moobs in on it)

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