Then I woke up … and it was all a dream!

But what a dream! In essence, this is what it was all about:


Does it get any better?


13 thoughts on “Then I woke up … and it was all a dream!

  1. cronz how spookily well you know me! it was a counter of patisserie (which i pinched from petite anglaise’s site – she won’t mind). i dreamt i was in france with monsieur neeson, ordering cakes in a boulangerie in honfleur. then i woke up …. curses!

  2. there – i’ve found some other cakies. maybe cath doesn’t like unauthorised use of her snaps. well, consider this advertising for pat val – apparently, there’s now a branch in spitalfields – news to me. i’d better check it out and report back.

  3. hmmm, I could do with that kinda dream, I shall carry these images in my mind tonight. Maybe with a long cold glass of champagne too!

  4. I want a dream like that … Mine are always so boring. Just as well I forget them moments after opening my eyes and am just left with a feeling of … um … yawning.

  5. notguycurrie help yourself – there’s enough dream to go around! the champagne is an excellent addition.
    alph not to be pedantic, but, isn’t jedi the plural of jedi? and, not it’s not quite enough information. and … oh alright! i will – i promise.
    debi i barely ever remember my dreams and the even more rarely ever make sense. so i can’t resist sharing the ones that stick around. sorry you couldn’t make it yesterday. it was a blast.
    bec maybe not yoda, though – eh?
    billy no i don’t think he did. i’ll send the bill to his agent.
    lqs mmmmmm – i’m glad you like it. i had to search high and low. most of the recent ones make him look very wonky and haggard – rather as if he’d had a bad nip’n’tuck (surely not!). x

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