A new word is needed …

… for that thing when the big toe of one foot gets hooked in the trouser bottom of the opposite leg and you either fall right over like a total pratt or narrowly avoid falling but almost dislocate your toe in the process. Any suggestions?

(These are not my feet, btw. I stole them.)


20 thoughts on “A new word is needed …

  1. billy you’ve recently fessed up to having long, gangly feet. maybe that’s why. mind you, mine are relatively stubby (ie more stubby than those of my relatives), and it happens to me all too often.
    flutter i picture you as a dainty little butterfly-type-creature. don’t disillusion me!
    romo i hadn’t thought of making it a competition. you’d be a pretty strong contender, imho.
    rilly why! what a tempting idea. i’ve given up on having a rose named after me, and i must admit, a minor injury brought about by clumsiness is probaby more appropriate. you came up in conversation recently. i must email you.

  2. It’s not really related, but my own personal favourite self-inflicted private slapstick moment – one I seem to perform alarmingly regularly – is going to the bathroom, cupping my hands under the tap and generously splashing water onto my face without taking my glasses off. Painful and idiotic too.

  3. alph how extraordinary to dredge up some vindication of stirrup pants! i guess you could apply the same logic (?) to leggings. come on now … we’ve all been there!
    raf hmmm that is both painful and idiotic … and i speak from speccy (albeit occasional) experience. i have another shameful admission that, i hope, will make you feel a bit better. i went through a phase of trying not to use my specs so much and took to wearing then on a dangly string thing – NOT a chain, i hasten to point out. anyhoo – i was at supper with friends, eating spag bol, with my specs all dangling down-oh and, when i came to put them on they were studded with bits of bolognaise sauce. NOT cool at all!
    ben blimey – i do think it is, but i did steal this photo because a) my digicam has run out of juice and b) her feet are much nicer than mine. shame about her choice of leisure activities!

  4. Ooh! Ooh! I did that at work the other day, going up the stairs, carrying a cup of tea! Wearing trousers and sandals….good look, but crap safetywear.

    The word I used at the time is probably not one that posterity would thank me for, I think.

  5. ooh, for a minute there, i thought you were trying to put a name to the phenomenon from which the photographed feet and i suffer: second toe longer than big toe syndrome

    STLTBTS – it’s the best i’ve come up with, but i’d welcome any new suggestions

    ’tis a hideous affliction…

  6. mango do you mean this has NEVER happened to you?! let me explain – it normally occurs when you’re barefoot and wearing baggy trousers – so it would typically be when you’re going up the wooden hill to bedfordshire. as your right foot (say) passes your left leg in a forwardly motion, your left trouser leg hem might insinuate itself between your right big toe and the next one along (whatever it’s called). and thus there is yankage and possible trippage. see?
    tim ouch – but i admire your elegant solution. speshing is excellent! (semantically, i mean)
    lucy sometimes one must sacrifice safety/comfort for elegance (but mostly, with me, it’s the other way round)
    fez i’m favouring hemmingway – i’m having a bit of a ‘to blog and blog not’ moment.
    lettucelover (!) i’m told the royal family has such toes – should i call you marm?
    cronz another excellent solution and one that trips off the tongue as readily as i trip over when my toes get tangled. yow!

  7. carrie are they your feet, then? they’re rather fine. mastermind is HARD (but if they’re your feet, you probably know that). i can’t play cluedo either – dang, i can hardly spell it.

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