Mutatis mutandis

Just a thought ….

If you can make Helen Mirren look like the Queen:

… does it follow that you can make the Queen look like Helen Mirren?

She is so beeeooootiful. (Helen Mirren, that is.)


13 thoughts on “Mutatis mutandis

  1. Oh, how I wish there could be more than one Mirren in the world–and that one of them (at least) was bi…sigh.
    Dame Mirren’s hubby is filming ’round here so I’m hoping for a Helen spotting sometime in the coming months!

  2. get this – i was once at a party (a publishing party, bien sur) where, without even having to turn my head, i could see both helen mirren and marie helvin. phwoaar! i’m not of a particularly lesbianic persuasion, but … honestly, i would have gladly snogged either of them.

  3. You should have seen Helen Mirren in the ’70s! She used to wander around Stratford-upon-Avon in cheesecloth blouses and long hippie skirts; she had long blond hair. She really was gorgeous, but slightly ‘tarty’; she certainly wasn’t ‘groomed’. The fact that she’s a Dame is hilarious; she was so anti-establishment. I was in the pub at S/A one summer night – after hours – when she came in and announced that Elvis Presley had died. That kind of thing stays with you.

  4. The real trick would be to make Camilla look like Angelina Jolie.

    I don’t care if Helen Mirren is old enough to be my mum – she has always been and always will be a beautiful woman.

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