Both my children …

… have bigger feet than me now. And mine aren’t small, I can tell you.

Neither of them is taller than me yet … but these are anxious days, my friends!

(On the upside – I’m now the proud owner of several pairs of barely worn board shoes.)


9 thoughts on “Both my children …

  1. Hello RG, nice to see you back in blogland!!

    Oh dear. me too. Well not quite. No1 has the same size as me, but is rapidly catching up on the height stakes. I am going to be tiny mum surrounded by huge girls soon….

  2. billy can you pick up pingpong balls with your toes? my sister can – quite an impressibe party trick!
    jane thank you! brittany was lovely (more of that later), but home is nice too. i’ve always thought of myself as tallish, but my husband is VERY tall, so i’ll probably appear tiny soon. i suffer by comparison. boo
    cronz they are rather super, aren’t they? i’d love some like that … come to think of it, among the footwear i’ve inherited as a result of this growth spurt is a pair of pink crocs, so i’ll look like a clown anyway.

  3. hello alph you have all the zeal of the convert! i’ve nothing against crocs … except my bare feet. i’ve been wearing virtually nothing else for about a year now and my feet have become completely croc-shaped. none of my dandy-dance-by-night shoes fits any more, so be warned! we’ve just been on holiday – not getting paid, sadly. but the pb of xmas factor is our in about 6 weeks so i’m getting geared up for that. i have a couple of things to send you – don’t let me forget.
    thistle hello there. they’re what my kids call skate boarding shoes. imagine how smart i’ll look! (actually, apart from the crocs, they may be the only thing i can wear now, such are my demands for comfort.)

  4. Ha! My 12 yr old First Born has feet 2.5 sizes larger than mine, is the same height as me and weighs nearly 2 stone more.

    His dad is rake-thin but a foot taller than me.

    My 9 year old is the only one left for me to look down on. Once he’s gone through his next growth spurt I’m going to feel like a reverse Gulliver …

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