I can’t quite believe I’m contemplating this …

Is this nuts? I’m faced with the possibility of having to buy a new car because my daughter has just graduated to playing a full-size cello, and it won’t fit into my tiny Peugeot.

Aaaaarrrrgggghhh! Anyone similarly challenged got any advice? It’s not one of the things they go into in any detail on Top Gear.


10 thoughts on “I can’t quite believe I’m contemplating this …

  1. I can quite sympathise – my daughter also plays ‘cello and we hire it (1/4 size at present) but she needs to take it to school one or two days a week – we needed a hard case just in case of accidents – it now has to ride diagonally across the boot of our Golf. heaven knows what will happen when it gets full size! perhaps we will migrate to a white van.

  2. hah! jim – you’ve delurked, this calls for a celebration. i just got the full sized cello back from the menders (the fingerboard had come off, and i had some better strings fitted – he’s very good – if f ever needs her’s fixed i can thoroughly recommend him), and i thought i was going to undo all his good work getting it in the boot. it could be worse – my friend’s son plays the tuba!

  3. Umm–Yo Jim,way to go on the de-lurking!
    I’m biased, I love the cello and its music in ways that have survived several relationships…but I’ve never had to cart one (cello that is)anywhere.
    Bungee cords and tarps on the newly-added roof rack? Put the kid in the boot (their fingerboards hardly ever come off), let down the seats and rest the cello comfortably for its short ride to wherever?

  4. Ah, you see, that’s why I play the flute – stick it in my handbag and off to concerts I go on the back of a turtle – no problemo! One of my orchestral chums at school played the harp and another the double bass – their parents were loaded and had huge, huge Range Rovery things that just shouted importance.

    The cello is fab, well worth buying a bus for 🙂

  5. I chose the blues harmonica while still at school because its so easy to carry about. Kids with guitars had trouble so cellos must need a vehicle of their very own. Unless, of course, you have a Citroen 2CV or convertible Morry Minor and carry it around sticking through the roof like the Grandfather clock on the intro to the Antiques Road Show. The harp in the pocket does have one drawback as sucking a half chewed jelly baby covered in pocket fluff or a some loose change that suddenly hits the back of the throat during an particularly emotional wail, can sort of destroy the moment.

  6. cronz you’re clearly a genius – slightly deranged, but a genius nonetheless!
    jen i, too, play the flute and a dashed fine instrument it is. she was playing the aforementioned cello (which used to be mine) last night, and it did sound lovely – much better than the 3/4. i should love to see you arriving at a concert on the back of a turtle – fantastic image!
    billy quite true – it could be worse!
    fez my husband has a moribund mgb – maybe you’ve just found a use for it! i believe bob dylan used to have the same problem with winegums.
    mr x i think she’d enjoy that! I know i would …

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