My daughter was carefully wrapping a present for her friend’s birthday.

Her twin brother was watching with puzzled interest. After a while, he said:

‘What is it with girls and jeweled fruit?’

Hah – does he have a lot to learn!


13 thoughts on “Temptation

  1. He may have a lot to learn but its encouraging to see him taking such a keen interest. If only I had had such a spirit of enquiry I might have been spared much teenage anguish.

  2. As I recall from my long ago youth, fruity things were just about the only choice for things girly. Bonnie Bell lip gloss only came in fruit flavors, for instance (all of which made my throat sore and itchy). Maybe your son will be able to make more sense of the pastel skull-and-crossbones I’m seeing on young girls today?

  3. It’s a short leap from ‘what is it with girls?’ to Norm’s razor-sharp observation on Cheers that ‘women: can’t live with ’em – ‘

  4. meredic sounds like that french exchange sorted everything, though!
    lqs i know what you mean – it’s the magpie impulse. i can’t resist either
    nat i know – it makes me sad in a way. life will never be so simple for either of them again
    flutter me too. looks like it’s not something you grow out of!
    cronz do you remember when the first synthetic apple fragrance came in and suddenly EVERYTHING was green apple? yeah – the girly biker look has me foxed too. my daughter hasn’t gone for it … yet
    mangnel/le he’s far more motivated to take notes about this kind of thing than about any of his schoolwork!
    pen in theory, yes. in practice it’s a bit of a volatile mix. they’re like matter and anti-matter – like to cause a tremendous explosion if they get too close …
    wyndham i don’t expect it’ll ever get any clearer – poor little devil
    dulwich you are SUCH a girlie

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