I’ve just been to a meeting about securing the future of state schools in my area. Did I mention that I was a meddling dogooder that can’t say no school governor?

The woman doing the talking was very well informed and articulate. Just one problem. Or rather, two. She pronounced ‘school’ as ‘schyoowel’ and ‘securing’ as ‘sikyoowering’.

An hour and a half. About sikyoowering the future of schyoowels. Can you imagine how many times she said those two words? And can you even begin to imagine, after the first few times, the exquisite torture of anticipating each one?

On the plus side, I was asleep for part of it.


8 thoughts on “Grrrrrrr

  1. Oooh I always notice when people are breeeeving really heavily or through their mouth and cannot pay attention to anything else that’s going on once I become aware of it. If someone has a speech tic like that it makes you shift about in your chair, doesn’t it? Or at least look for someone to smirk at. It can be so lonely being the only one who’s wincing.

    I thought I’d come over ere cos you commented about the film and my blog is sort of sitting in a puddle of its own indolence just now. It’s hopefully getting better distribution if the bums on seats for first weekend are sufficiently numerous. Apparently it works if you write to your local cinema and request they put it on – there are already a few who have agreed to show it because of that. Do it under a couple of different names or something. Not that I would endorse such skulduggery.

    Thanks for your interest, I should say. It is a dead good film actually (and I had very very little to do with it). I keep forgetting to warn people that there is a song in it featuring the rude word that offends loads of people who aren’t offended by any other rude words. But there is.

    This is lovely and funny and I am going to, how you say, blogroll you. (In Soviet Russia, blog terminology use *you*.)

  2. Ahhh! That would drive me insane. For me it’s the “um” that people in the U.S. insert every three words. I start counting them and then I can’t hear anything else.

    Blah blah blah, um, blah, um, blah, blah, blah, um, um

  3. But is your schooyerwoool (sorry haven’t spelt it right..) seekooorrr????

    I am in awe, RG, I HATE committees and do my damndest to avoid them. We need do gooders like you!!!

  4. jen no, actually, she didn’t – and just as well, or i wouldn’t have been sleeping – i’d have been up there clubbing her senseless with her interactive whiteboard. and then i might have ended up in prison for 45 days, reduced to 3 for spoilt, bratty behaviour, then released to offend again! hope you’re feeling better, btw x
    rabbitstrike thanks for stopping by. i’ll start pestering my local cinema immediately.
    flutter you are clearly a vair vair gracious ladeeee. i’ll address you with far more respect in the future
    steph i know just what you mean about that becoming the only thing you can hear. i know this woman who goes ‘and fings’ and the end of EVERY SINGLE SENTENCE!!!!!! i swear i’m going to punch her one of these days.
    hotblooded i do love you’re many and varied soubriquets. do they reflect your current mood at time of posting? lucky omega man! did it occur to you that these guardians of literacy might actually come from liberia? you really should be far more sensitive to the plight of immigrants, y’know!
    jane ha! we have concerns about it’s feeyootyooor actually! one method of sikyooring, apparently, is to form a ‘soft federation’. what, in the name of kevin spacey, is that all about?
    mangonel it was a dioscesan thing actually – i’ll leave you to imagine the rest …

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