In which I am baffled

Yesterday, I said to my son, ‘For goodness sake, turn off the TV!’

‘But,’ he replied. ‘It’s Batfink.’

 I was so puzzled by his logic that I had to go away and think about it. Leaving him to watch Batfink untroubled.

Do you think I’ve been had?


17 thoughts on “In which I am baffled

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  2. jane DON’T get me started on tracey blasted beaker!
    eden nice one. i hope he’ll find some niche for his unique style of persuasion – and one that’ll keep me in licquorice allsorts. i can’t post on your site – blogger hates me. i’ll keep trying tho
    billy you’re an expert! respect!!!
    hotrd ooo that’s nearly hotrod! what is it? testosterone or summat? give me toblerone any day. welcome home, btw
    tigrrr errrr – i’m even more baffled. thanks – i think
    melissa long time, no e. i’ve missed you. you’ve hit upon the groundhogness of it all precisely!
    marmite makes you wonder about the lifespan of foxes, dunnit. (longer than the average tv presenter, clearly). i loved your post about your visit to the uk. very heartfelt. x
    flutter woman of mystery! you’re absolutely right. some days i’m powerpuffed …

  3. Yes, you have been had because “Batfink” is rubbish, has always been rubbish and ever it shall be thus.

    I suggest that you put your son into therapy immediately so that he can learn to distinguish between rubbish old animal superhero cartoons like “Batfink” and classic animal superhero cartoons like “Dangermouse”.

    You don’t look old enough to have a son that age, by the way.

  4. Oh I get it on a daily basis – Batfink, Lazytown ( I HATE that prog), Scooby Doo, Ruby and Max (I want to kill them). And Chuckle bloody Vision – shouldn’t those two guys be in a convalescence home by now? Fifi and the Flowertots…oh god, I’m frothing at the mouth…got to go and find some more Rescue Remedy.

  5. rillysuper another batfink expert! i’m v impressed (and so glad you have access to high culture oop north)
    steve ahhh – dangermouse! bless – or should i say ‘crumbs chief!’. oh – and thanks – i’m advertising your … ahem … services far and wide
    rocky the chuckle brothers actually creep me out quite a bit. i’d almost prefer basil brush … and that’s saying something
    wordgirl you can be assured of quality down here by the river!

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