I have no idea how to do this … but I’m soooo proud

I have been weighed in the balance by Moobs and have been found tenuous.

Vote for me. Go on … you know it makes sense.

(I’m not sure how you do it, but head on over to his gaffe and don’t be distracted by any of the other bogus attempts at celebrity you’ll find there.)



11 thoughts on “I have no idea how to do this … but I’m soooo proud

  1. I have cast my vote for you I do hope you win this prestigious award as it could make you famous in your own right!!!!

  2. moobs thanks for the huge honour. i’m delighted to be in such bogus company. indeed, i’m not a londoner (although i sometimes pretend to be), but you you and p, i would be! tell me more
    urban uh-oh! i think this is going to get ugly! (no-one’s voted for me yet so i might have to stamp me feet and shake my curls
    sheepish phew – thanks! you’ve staved off a huge tanty
    steph thanks! i’m so glad my services to bogosity have been recognised officially. i don’t know how to put the banner into the sidey thing though. wordpress is a mystery (most things are a mystery to me, though – sigh)

  3. blimey rocky – that’s how i feel about 98 percent of the time. welcome to my world.
    go on over to moobs’ place – the banner will link you through. he held a competition to see who could come up with the most tenuous link to someone famous – it’s a few posts back now. i submitted several – actually, i don’t think he chose my best one which is that my father’s brother’s wife’s sister’s son’s wife was in inspector linley. how cool is that? you, however, being of a filmic disposition, probably have lots of proper untenuous links to a-listers, and therefore wouldn’t stand a chance in a competition like this. sorreeeeee! (hah)

  4. I did follow the link through (sorry that sounds a bit medical doesn’t it – not intended)…well, I’ve got tons of tenuous/untenuous links I can assure you…it’s a fickle world my industry.

    PS: I meant to tell you – him who snores like a bison has taken to wearing CROCS….my life is over as an attached woman. Serious grounds for separation. We were intending to go out for a family lunch last weekend and I refused to go until he changed his shoes. Is that bad of me? Crocs should be for people who work in hospitals and kitchens. Well that’s what I think anyway. Just going off to swig some more Rescue Remedy….

  5. Oh dear. My two cyber worlds are colliding! I had a scant moment this morning and meandered over to UC to see what she was up to and was caught by her appeal for tenuous Votes!
    Of COURSE Mme Ovary counts! (Even though the publishers eventually stabbed her in the back). Can I vote in the international section??

  6. rocamadour hope you voted for me – i fear the person who’s brother smoked princess anne’s fish will win. what colour are the crocs? i reckon it could definitely be cited as unreasonable behaviour – if not mental cruelty.
    ova hah! gotcha. it’s that six degrees of whatever thingy. everyone know what everyone is doing – spooky ain’t it?
    rilly when i read water works, just for a moment i thought … well, you know what i thought.
    i fear i won’t win – after all an emperor or princess anne’s goldfish outweighs a mere duchess – even if she did say my scrambled egg was ambrosial

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