French/English near homophones that may cause confusion – Part 3

Oh please, just one more.


or the humble yet oh-so-useful hyphen


Trade Union

Not such a visually arresting post as I would normally strive for, but hyphens aren’t all that striking, are they? Mind you, neither are Trade Unions these days.

On vaguely the same topic, I must just share with you a conversation I had with my husband the other day.

Husband: I think I must see a doctor.

Me (abstractedly): Wha’?

Husband: It’s about all these ducks I keeps seeing.

Me (puzzled): Wha’?

Husband: Or maybe I won’t bother. He’ll just think I’m a hypochondriac, and tell me that they’re mallard imaginaire.

You see why I love him so?


21 thoughts on “French/English near homophones that may cause confusion – Part 3

  1. flutter ain’t it just?
    gb neither – he’s the one with feathers. and i think the only thing the anecdote proves is the extreme lengths he’ll got to in order to make a tortuous pun. we were made for each other!

  2. Ooh ooh ooh that was lovely! SO has a favourite too – One egg is un oeuf but two eggs is more than you deux oeufs. (Sorry about spelling – I have zero french.)

  3. Funny husbands. They are in such short supply. Yeah for us for snagging two.

    I know only a touch of french. Just enough to get me in trouble. And I speak it with a very quaint rustic (AKA Canadian) accent.

  4. You hubby = lovely! Mine loves tortuos puns too, althogh I am finding myself strangely drawn that photo of the chappie in the T-shirt. It’s almost hypnotic!

  5. Hey I just remembered my husband’s ‘french’ joke, a variation on a theme. It goes along the lines of… This french bloke is staying in an English B and B. At breakfast time, the fella running it offers him an extra egg. He holds his hand above his plate and says no, adamantly. All this is because ‘One egg is un oeuf’. Tee hee.

  6. mangonel your so sounds like the right stuff. (your spelling en francais is perfect, btw, so i think your disclaimer must be bogus)
    alph welcome home – phew! missed ya. i’m having trouble commenting on your site. blogger hates me for deserting. yes, we were v clever to get funny husbands – i had to audition loads before i found mine (bwahahaha) the french find a canadian accent tres charmant – you could get yourself into LOADS of trouble in paree
    mr x don’t know how you put that smiley in, but i like it!
    rilly a box of ferrero (sp?) rocher to you if/when we eventually meet
    spy yes, my old man is a bargain. i know what you mean about the t-shirt man, though. he’s oddly fascinating.
    moobs he is a class act, for sure.
    urban he listens to radio 4 all the time – even when working, oddly – so i guess that accounts for it. i don’t think i’m married to your father, but you never know – you could be calling me mummy one day. daft puns are huge in my family too – i’ve had years of training. tragic really.
    nicola hello – i’m enjoying my regular shots of fiction over at your place. quite addictive! your old man’s right, un oeuf is enough!

  7. Hello,
    I’m French, Parisian and I’m a girl – I say so ‘cuz Meg le Blagueur à Paris and Petite Anglaise insist my name is confusing.
    I’ll be coming to Stratford in a couple of weeks on my honey moon (June 17th-20th) .
    I wondered if you’d like to meet for a cup of coffee. We could find new silly homophones/puns.

  8. hello bennett any friend of petite’s is a friend of mine and i’ll be around then. we should definitely meet. tell me more (congrats on your forthcoming non imaginary wedding, btw)

  9. Hi Rivergirlie,

    Tell you more ? Well I used to be an English teacher in France and a French teacher in Northern Irland+Dublin+University of Michigan. Did that for years, stopped recently because of the poor salary (I don’t have the Capes) but I miss it so much I tutor all day saturday + sunday on top of my 10 to 8 week job in a communication agency. Once Jonathan, my husband in 2 weeks time, stops being a student and gets a proper job, I want to go back teaching English with my friend Dr Seuss and my hero the Blackadder, my students also do sonnet 130 and the St Crispin’s day speech in the bargain and learn some songs from the Monty Python and watch the TV series Heroes.
    I also tour every year some American students around in Paris to teach the history of architecture. I’m a Paris freak, my appartment is covered with ancient maps of the city….
    I’m getting married to a very young man I’m 34 is 24. We’ve known eachother for nearly 20 years, I was his nanny (yes it’s weird everybody says, especially his mom who hired me years ago).
    Yes I know, it’s a lot at once, but I didn’t know what you wanted when you said “tell me more”.
    I’ve rented a room in a cottage: Cross o’th’ Hill Farm. I’ve no plan whasoever (I know what I want to do but dates and times are not set), I’m free all day.

  10. gosh! i’m more and more intrigued. i think i know where cross o’th’ hill farm is – a little way outside stratford – are you renting a car? it would be a good idea. are you hoping to see stuff at the theatre? there’s loads to do and see in the surrounding area too. i’ll email you my number and stuff – and email addy – petite has it in any case.
    let’s make a plan!

  11. Oh dear, we can’t drive ! I had understood it was near the city center. Yes we’re hoping to go to see a play and see the area (on foot!), nothing planned yet. Any suggestions?
    Yes, let’s make a plan!

  12. just checked – you’re right and i’m wrong. it’s a 12 minute walk to holy trinity church, which is very near the theatre, so you’ll be fine. i must have got it mixed up with somewhere else. sorry to panic you.
    you’ll have to see all the shakespeare properties – mary arden’s house, ann hathaways cottage, etc – there’s a tour bus that goes to them all. have you booked tickets for a play yet? not sure what’s on at the moment.

  13. Oh good !
    I visited Stratford years ago and remember it vividly with enchanting memories of the Shakespeare’properties, I’ll want to do some of it this time to rediscover it all with Jonathan
    I’d love to go to the theater with, in mind, that Jonathan, a neophyte when it comes to Shakespeare would surely like the fun plays, Midsummernight, Much a do… I got to check what’s on.
    You have access to my email address right? Or should I ask Catherine for yours?

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