French/English near homophones that may cause confusion Part 2

Well, thanks for all those brilliant (and frankly weird) suggestions. I’ll be posting a list, with full attributions, soon. In the meantime, I did think of another one. And here it is:

Pastis – that potent and aromatic aperitif,  redolent of lazy afternoons in the baking sun of southern France


pasties – Cornwall’s finest, saturated-fat laden gourmet treat, redolent of days spent shuffling round the Eden Project, paying through the nose for parking and amusement arcades where your shoes stick to the carpet.


17 thoughts on “French/English near homophones that may cause confusion Part 2

  1. Eurgh, pastis. I can’t even look at that picture without feeling sick, due to a regrettable episode of over-indulgence at a party in the south of France in 1992.

    What about ferme auberge and firm aubergine?

  2. In our garden we are glad to have a herisson but not a hairy son – we only have daughters!

    And for dinner tonight we’ll have un chou or maybe a shoe.

    Mrs R: “Enough! Come and cook shoe!”

  3. Ma mémé m’aime – but not as much as she loves a good meme (that makes my grandma a keen “blogueuse” – and myself a blagueur, if not a blogger…)

  4. 100 you’re worth waiting for
    patroclus i have the same reaction to advocat … bleaurgh. i now have visions of a well toned lady cooking ratatouille in an inn.
    jane au contraire, ma chere – those are both excellent
    spy that sounds so much better than the real version – but that’s french for ya
    pen deliciously different – being invited out for a pastis or being invited out for a pasty …
    moobs i’ve had pasties with the consistency of floor cloths – maybe we could combine the two … actually, i’m feeling slightly queasy at the thought.
    london r nice one – my son is rather prickly – maybe that’s his problem.
    rilly re pasties and pastis – i enjoy both in their context, but can’t imagine drinking ricard in cornwall or that a pasty would ever be allowed on french territory (although it’s quite acceptable in rock). as to the previous post, i think i’d rather watch a large door (particularly if it had just been painted) than any surrealist flim. i was scarred for life by un chien andalou … brrrrr
    a n other vous etes sans blog? sans blague! incroyable

  5. Urrgh…pasties and pastis, I can hardly think of a more unappealing culinary combination…but I think I’m getting the hang of this game.

  6. Ah, I’m not even going to try. We Americans can’t be bothered to learn any other languages. (Just kidding!)

    I think I gained a pound just looking at those paties.

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