French/English near homophones that may cause confusion – Part 1

So here’s my new idea. I’m inspired by Salvadore Vincent and his series Venn that Tune, and Tim Footman’s reply to a comment I left the other day. I’m aiming for an occasional series, but since this is the only one I’ve thought of so far, it’s going to be very occasional. Suggestions welcome.


L’Age d’Or – Bunuel/Dali shock flick, and …

a large door.


16 thoughts on “French/English near homophones that may cause confusion – Part 1

  1. i think it says that you have a similar sense of humour to me – which can only be a good thing … can’t it?

  2. What is the question, if you intersect the image of a woman giving a toe job with a door what are the overlapping bits? You are too damned intellectual rivergirlie and you too moobs. maybe i just need some coffee and to come back to this later…

  3. how… repulsive (but in a good, surrealist, “I am divorced from my bourgeois notions of reality” kind of way).

    how about:
    trompe l oeil


    Trump Oil (as in Donald Trump? As in personality? Hair? I leave it for you to divine…)

    Thanks for your comment at my place. Any hot tips, blogs, or info you can give me would be *hugely* appreciated (and acknowledged!)

  4. I really should be able to come up with some of these but as usual my mind has gone blank or is that blanc. If the foudre strikes I will pop back.

  5. As Bunuel seems to be the theme, may I suggest “A Cheyenne on the loo” for “Un Chien Andalou”? Sorry Luis. And rivergirlie.

  6. alrighty, i put my hands up and say it’s only that i’m embarrassed not to have a french/english homophone to contribute

    but i did used to think ‘wake me up before you go go’ contained the phrase ‘beat sperm in it’

    ‘…my BEATS PER MINUTE never been the same! so come on baby…’

    et cetera

  7. I’m trying to wright a song like that (only a little hard). The first line I came up with was “Les donnees oh eh oh eh” which is “Lay down Eh? No way, no way”.
    The song refers to hockey mostly.

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