Bacon rind. What’s not to love?

Except for the fact that it’s basically pigskin.

Nope, sorry. I’m thinking about that as hard as I possibly can, but it’s just not putting me off. And do you remember when it used to come with an inky blue tattoo? Or bristles? And when it used to sometimes have a little hard bony bit in it that could take you by surprise. Blimey – eating bacon was risky in those days. Even so I was undaunted.  

It’s just that bacon rind hits so many points. It’s salty, like peanuts. It’s chewy, like gum. It’s full of saturated fat, like … er … saturated fatty things.

It’s basically fatty, salty gum. Someone should market it. Never mind Juicy Fruit. How about Salty Rind?

Those days are long gone, of course. Now bacon comes hermetically sealed from Tesco (or elsewhere), and you’d hardly even know it had once roamed the plains on four little trotters. (Must quickly explain that I only ever buy free-range meat, so there’s no need to tell me about the miserable existence of the average pig)

Sometimes, it even comes with the rind removed.

Now, I’m sorry, but that’s just wrong.

It’s like only eating peeled fruit, surely. And we all know the vitamins are in the skin, don’t we? It’s as bad as wanting your crusts cut off. And eating crusts gives you curly hair, doesn’t it? (Doesn’t it? Wait til I next see my mother!)

And what do they do, pray, with the rind they steal from us? Apart from feeding it back to the piggies, or possibly to school children in the form of chicken nuggets. They make pork scratchings, that’s what. Pork scratchings – that most noble of British bar snacks. A bristle in every bite!

But the scarcity of NHS dentists will, no doubt, pose a serious threat to the pork scratching industry. Few of us can afford to pop a crown any more, and I’m seeing trouble ahead. There’ll be lay-offs, industrial action, riots, maybe.

I say, leave the rind on the bacon.

Why don’t they ask me?


32 thoughts on “Bacon rind. What’s not to love?

  1. Great blog!

    I remember the tattoos, bristles and the unexpected littly bony bits – in fact, in some hotels, bacon still comes like that.

    I love bacon rind; it has to be grilled to a cinder and then I munch the fat off. I love the fat on roast beef too so maybe I’m odd.

  2. Oh yum! Yes, Heaven forbid we should know it’s actually a bit of animal we are eating.

    Lamb fat. The bits still on the joint when you’ve cooked the shoulder for ten hours and most of the fat has rendered. Oh my.

  3. My in-laws live on a farm in Western Nebraska. They still eat their bacon like that and my husband is now drooling over your post. Seriously, he’s messing up my keyboard.

  4. okay okay okay… so the diet WILL start NEXT week… I’m off to get myself some thick bacon for a bacon and brown sauce butty! May just have to try and get some scratchings to go down with an ice cold Guiness!
    I am really enjoying your blog! Thank you!

  5. Your bacon post had me drooling as much as a description of bacon and picallili sandwiches in one of the It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vet stories. I was sooo disappointed with picallili when I eventually tried it! But bacon and proper rind… mm. That’s the reason I could never be vegetarian!!

  6. sarnia hello there! i think bacon is all the more thrilling when it involves a little danger. breakfast is so awfully dull otherwise. i love the scrunchy fat on beef too, so you’re not that odd … unless i am too. (surely not)
    mangonel i’m liking you more and more! but we might come to blows over the lamb, so maybe we’d better not eat sunday roast together just yet.
    steph(lm) mmm bacon in nebraska. sounds utterly exotic to me. that photo is pretty mouthwatering – just as well for your keyboard (and your husband) that they don’t have scratch’n’sniff computers yet. (only a matter of time)
    fluttercrafts welcome and thanks for that link. i normally try to steer clear of martha stewart, but i think she’s onto something!
    tanya you sound spookily well-versed in english gastronomy (can’t believe i just wrote those two words in the same sentence). do you hail from these foggy shores? i think we have something special in common, btw.
    jane i so enjoyed the party! picalilli sounds much nicer than it is. have you ever met those tiresome people who say, ‘i’m vegetarian but it eat fish’? well i’m a vegetarian but i eat bacon. (i’m not actually, but i probably could be)
    marmaduke well if people are silly enough to smoke bacon, that’s their lookout. thanks for the warning, though.
    violet i quite agree. mmmm – think i’ve got to go and make a bacon sarnie RIGHT NOW

  7. rivergirlie dear, you must be careful in posting up such provocative images as this passes for hardcore porn in some parts of the world, mainly up north and nebraska but who knows where else. It seems everything is going free range nowadays, I even bought free range pasta the other day so even tagliatelle has more freedom than me to go where it wants these days, sigh. Thanks ever so for dropping by, bye for now.

  8. And now,i am hankering for a bacon sandwich… Luckily I live in Little Poland… and I can certainly get my bacon… as you described… nothing like the old country…

  9. Oh, yes indeedy. Bacon with rind on. Your picture actually made me salivate. Bacon butties for breakfast tomorrow. Grilled until very crispy with tomato sauce. And rind on. Did I say that bit already?

  10. I really wanted to come back and read this when I wouldn’t be tempted to make bacon. There’s no bacon in the house right now so I can read it, drool, and yet not have any bacon to consume and make me fatter. But God, I love this post, and even the comments were delicious. And your commenter was right–the photo is dangerous to those of us in Nebraska.

  11. Very close to my heart this post. You were quite right with your comment on my blog. I made some fabulous bacon from my porkers. Real bacon with real rind, you can’t beat it. Unfortunately most of the stuff in the shops these days is a pale imitation.

  12. Mmn…bacon. Or ‘beacon’ as apparently I used to refer to it when young. I had a lovely fried egg and bacon sandwich with butter, tomato ketchup and a dash of tabasco last week. It was fab. And I got one of those boney white bits that always send me into a gagging panic! At least I know it was real bacon. Yes- I remember the tattoo and bristle days. I prefer back to streaky and I hate really over-cooked crispy bacon. My favourite crisps when growing up were Bacon Frazzles – YUM! I would probably be sick if I had to eat them now.

  13. Found this blog looking for something to do with all the rind I cut of the bacon yesterday. Its now in the oven being cooked to a frazzle. I’ll pass the dentists bill back to you lot. I’ll let you know if I can turn into scratchings. Aren’t they all deep fried though to get then to ‘fluff up’?

  14. Have been searching for proper Bacon (ie with the rind on) and Yahoo just got some from Morrisons superstore. You have to ask the in-store butcher and for some reason it costs a little more not to take the rind off but it was delish. I thought that the idea of a superstore was to give us more choices yet somehow it seems that someone somewhere has decided that we no longer like bacon rind.

  15. Well bacon rind is the only part I eat when it comes to bacon. I pretty much am disgusted at bacon fat. This is probablywhy I don’t eat that much baco, I guess.

  16. Wait, what do you mean bacon rind is the white part? Uh, no. Or is it the red part? Whatever it is, I love the red part.

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