Go inappropriate yerself!

We writers are very sensitive creatures. Frankly, you only have to look at me to realise that I’m operating on a higher plane than most people. We drift around, thinking exquisite thoughts – more often than not in iambic pentameter – and are physically pained by the use/misuse/abuse of language we encounter in everyday life.  

Thus it is that I am suffering – suffering, I tell you – because of the inappropriate use of the word ‘inappropriate’. I come across it an awful lot, too, because I’m a school governor and have to read reams and reams of utterly boring crap important briefings and policy documents produced by civil servants and apparatchiks whose main aim in life seems to be making it utterly impossible to run a school without falling foul of some new code of practice or filling out forms in quadruplicate – having first completed a risk assessment facilitating the efficient implementation of the government’s excellent and coherent education policies in all our schools.

‘Inappropriate’ looms large in the public sector. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that society as we know it today would fall apart without the word. Cos it’s saying something without saying anything. And I’ll bet you can’t be sued for saying something is inappropriate (I’ll have to check with Moobs on this – although it may be inappropriate to do so).

And since it doesn’t mean anything, ‘inappropriate’ can, paradoxically, mean anything you want it to. So – ‘inappropriate’ – here are some possible interpretations. Feel free to add a few more: stupid, bratty, crap, slutty, boring, smelly, common, foreign, funny, vulgar, intellectual, elitist … the list is, almost by definition, endless.

Now, I may have said something inappropriate in this post – and I just know that picture is – well – inappropriate.

But – you know? I really don’t give a flying inappropriate.


15 thoughts on “Go inappropriate yerself!

  1. Well I was going to add something suitably inappropriate but that would just be bloody inappropriate of me seeing as you have gone to all the trouble of decoding the essence of inappropriate. Inappropriate (goodness – I really have to concentrate when I write that word (2 n”s? no 2 p’s? yes) is also such a put down term isn’t it? ‘No, don’t do that Harold – it really is inappropriate’. Yours inappropriately Romofo xx

  2. Let us agree to pass legislation that flagrant misuse of ‘appropriate’ will be dealt with by a blow to the forehead with a hakapik. Like all good Canadians I’ve got one right here and I’m itching to use it. Cos I’m blood thirsty! Blood thirsty, I say!
    Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to get dinner on the stove. Flipper pie, any one?

  3. Very droll, my browser seems to have decided that the picture in your post is inappropriate and refuses to display it. Argh, it’s my fecking pooter, I should be able to see whatever I want!

    Considering I came here from NWM, it’s Macca clubbing seals, innit? Well, maybe Heather wanted a fur coat as part of the divorce settlement.

  4. I had a comment in mind, but, after typing and deleting it, I found it to be rather inappropriate.

    Ah, might as well say it:

    Isn’t “cos” a type of lettuce?

  5. Inappropriate just means doing something in the wrong context, with the implication that the behaviour is acceptable in another environment. When Scoggins minor pulls his shorts down and beats his bottom in Latin, for instance, that is inappropriate. If he were to do it during double French, however, that is another matter entirely.

  6. rm please don’t hold back from being inappropriate around here – no-one else does, for gawds sake!
    100words let us march together, shoulder to inappropriate shoulder
    alpha (you’re not fooling me, y’know), trust you to know the correct term. great post, btw! x
    mr f – thrice welcome! even your name is inappropriate! i’m loving it
    spm you’ve set us all a sartorial challenge there – what would appropriate clubbing wear be? er, seal clubbing, that is
    mr x oh go on …
    denguy it is indeed a kind of lettuce that forms the staple diet of slack writers.
    poulet noir i think we went to the same school, chicken
    wyndham i’m told i’m in one most of the time – go figure
    dana ahha! nice to see you. are you still wearing that outrageous outfit?

  7. By the way, today I have done exactly…ummm…wait…(counting)…34 innapropriate things. Firstly, I was late for chem class (booooring), then I cursed several people, then I annoyed my boyfriend, then I recorded inappropriate sounds into my friend’s phone, then I told a creep who stalks me to go to hell or I would only swear at him for the rest of his life and cursed him (does this count??), then I cursed, and cursed, and cursed (and, yes, cursed), and did a whole other lot of things too long to mention. And then on the way home I stuck my toungue out at passing cars and made inappropriate faces at them. Then, when I got home, I went on the internet (instead of doing my homework) and looked up the word inappropriate. So that’s my story of how I got on this site!!

  8. hah missie you’re very funny (and inappropriate). please tell me when you start your own blog – which should divert you nicely from your homework.

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