I’m so awfully confused …

The clocks went back somewhere between yesterday and today.

I think.

Or forward.

It’s one or the other.

Is it ‘spring forward, fall back’ or ‘fall forward, spring back’? It could be either for all the sense it makes to me. It’s 8.30 pm in new money (as it were). So is that 7.30 or 9.30 in old money? Have I lost an hour or gained? And if I want to get up at 6.30 will it be darker or lighter than before? And what time will my brain think it is? More importantly, what time will the cat think it is?

My problem is this: I’m used to considering time as a linear, entirely unidirectional phenomenon and all this argy bargy does my head in.  Cos when people say that they’re bringing a meeting forward, they actually mean they’re moving it back, in linear terms, don’t they? And if they move a meeting back, they push it forward.

I think.

I go through this twice a year, and I get just as confused every time.

I really must ask my mother if I was ever dropped on my head.

And if so, what the time was at the time.



14 thoughts on “I’m so awfully confused …

  1. I feel your pain.

    This is exactly the mess I find myself in when I am cold in the house. Do I say, “I’m turning the air conditioning up” which, to me, sounds like I’m turning the temperature up and thus makes sense to me or could possibly mean that I’m turning the power of the air up to make it colder, or do I say, “I’m turning the air down” which could mean that I’m turning the temperature down, making it colder, or possibly, turning the air down could mean that I’m turning the power of the air down, making it warmer.

    I don’t go near the fecking thermostat on time-change weekends as I firmly believe it will alter the time/space/temperature continuum. And piss me off beyond repair.

  2. Spring Forward, Fall Back…

    But I agree I am just as confused as you.

    We made an arrangement to meet someone yesterday at 10 am, woke up at 9am and thought. NAAA… rang them up and delayed, turned over and went back to sleep!

  3. whether forward or back, no idea…all I know is that the kids pop up an hour early for a week and in the pitch black night squeal with delight that it’s morning. Ah, the joys of motherhood 😉

  4. right – well thanks for all the help. naturally, i’m more confused than ever but at least i know now you lot are as well. so it’s not just me. unless, of course, we were all dropped on our heads as babies.
    well – it could happen.

  5. I know – I can’t stand it – I have to stop and think really hard about it every bloody year. Why is it so hard to work out that if the clocks go forward then it means it is lighter for an extra hour? Sometimes I’ve wanted to secretly sit down and draw a diagram without anyone knowing – I figured out if I drew it it would be easier to understand. I think my brain is wired funny. And all that nonsense about bringing a meeting forward – just tell me the time you want to change it to – it’s too confusing. The amount of conversations I’ve had where someone has asked ‘are you ok to put the meeting (orig 14:00) back to 16:00 and I say ‘oh – is midday ok?’. Aaaaghhh!

  6. y’know i’m so glad i posted about this. seems i’m not alone after all. *draws shuddering breath and raises head bravely*. thank you – thank you all. see – the internet is good for something after all.

  7. I am so glad you wrote this – I simply cannot get to grips with it! And all the various clocks that haven’t been changed simply confuse me more!!! Arrggh!

    The day that we flew on holiday I was up at twelve am (which then became two am!) because I was so worried about missing our flight. pretty knackering day!

    Have amended my link to you btw! Sorry it took so long!

  8. spymum so glad i’m not alone in my idiocy. after a holiday like that you’ll certainly need another holiday.

  9. Hi, first post on your blog, which I discovered via your comment on Miss Cellany’s site!

    I always remember the clock changes by recalling a simple maxim I made up: we look forward to spring but hate going back to winter!

    I’m thinking of starting a blog myself – could I just ask you which software you prefer? I assume you prefer WordPress, given that you stopped using Blogger. WordPress does seem to be a bit more functional, and the theme templates look better in my opinion.

  10. I always remember it’s “spring forward”, but never know whether that means we lose or gain an hour. More than that, the whole concept of it is so stupid it irritates me beyond measure!

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