The lengths some people will go to …

… to work in a stupid pun they just thought of!

Okay – so my kids do cooking at school (except it’s called Food Tech, which sounds far more dynamic), and this involves them lugging bags of ingredients all weighed out and measured in advance, in tiny little plastic pots – half a tsp of this and 50g of that. It’s a complete nightmare, especially since they go on the bus.

Except when it results in something a bit like this:

Which is a steamed pudding – easily accomplished in the microwave, it seems and excellent with custard, or creme Anglaise – which sounds for more food techy, doesn’t it? Anyway, it was quite a performance (er – why can’t I get this to range left?).

 We called it ‘Operation Dessert Steam’

 Oh – come on – work with me here!



11 thoughts on “The lengths some people will go to …

  1. Looks fab! Thanks for your nice comment – I won’t disappear entirely but have been a bit thrown by something. As Arnie said – (I’m sure) I’ll be back. x

    PS: Food Tech? Do you mean Home Economics? Oh dear – I fear a return post coming on – what happened to reading and sums? Literacy? Numeracy? Can’t we just say adding up and taking away?

  2. otj – as part of your long-awaited care package? with pleasure. will have to use a waterproof jiffybag so custard doesn’t leak out.
    she who blah blah – hmm, why didn’t i think of just sending the recipe. that’s why you’ll rule the world and i won’t. booo
    nat – sorry about that. mind you, pudding for breakfast … not such a bad idea!
    lucy – glad you appreciate my awful puns. sometimes i just can’t resist! and, yes, i am … i think
    emma – excellent! i can’t seem to post on your blog since i moved. will have to plague you by email.
    rocky – sums! what happened to sums? it’s mental maths now (literally). i’m so glad you’re sticking around. x
    can i do html on this? we’ll soon see

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