A grand day out …

Because certain of my avid readers can’t bear to wait a second longer to know more about the exciting and elegant lifestyle of a swanky author and media darlings, I feel compelled to let fall a few crumbs of information … see them fall!

But because I’m a little sleepy after my grand day out in London, followed by a looooong meeting (at which I pretended to understand what ‘devolved capital formula’ is) from which I’ve only just returned, all I’m going to tell you for now is that there was a plan, then a nice surprise, which led to a change our plan, then brunch with some very lovely people here, then I jumped into a taxi, got in a bit of a pother, and met two tall, famous, quite scary men, who turned out to be very nice.

Are you intrigued?

I do hope you ….

More tomorrow!




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