So we went here …

…and I reckon it has the highest concentration of these …

… in the UK outside of here …

And while pretending to read this (which is actually very good) …

I listened in (quite unintentionally, of course) on a conversation between three nannies who came to sit at the same table as me. And I can tell you, it was pretty interesting.

So, if anyone out there is in the habit of leaving instructions for their nanny next to the computer, and has asked her to sort out getting the microwave and the fridge fixed, can I just tell you, she’s feeling a bit out of her depth.

May I also suggest that anyone who uses Ocado should check over their order once in a while. Just an idea, that’s all.


15 thoughts on “Espionage!

  1. Ah, very, very funny! I would like to make it clear that this was not my nanny. Firstly, because I don’t have one, and secondly, because if I did she would likely be complaining that I let her stay in bed half the day and don’t actually ask her to look after the children, let alone the fridge and microwave. Did you not encourage her to join a union?!

  2. Oh, and I won’t tell you what I’m wearing right now. But I have an excuse: it is 8:15 pm on a Sunday and I’m in the privacy of my own home.

  3. Oh god – Crocs. I went to a birthday celebration for a good friend on Friday. I went there on the train with another friend – who was wearing Crocs much to my horror. When we got there and swapped presents – mine was a homemade cd and my Croc-wearing friend gave my birthday friend…..a pair….of….Crocs!! Aaagghhh I silently screamed – it’s a conspiracy – nooooooooo! Why are they called Crocs? They don’t look like crocodiles. They just look like something you should be wearing in a hospital when you are swishing stuff down the sluice.

  4. PS:
    Where is the pirate ship place in the picture – it looks fun. Re: the Tate – yes I think it’s def worth joining. And no – I haven’t just done a project but for some reason that was just something I know.

  5. ms melancholy hello and welcome. i should think nannies will be forming an orderly queue to come and work for you. i didn’t try to unionise them, grapes of wrath style, although rabble-rousing is one of my fave activities. i had to protect my cover, you see!
    quick, karrie and rm the reason crocs are taking over the world are because they’re sooooo comfy … yes, i admit … i AM one of them. aww c’mon, it’s no worse than scientology, is it, surely? back me up here, karrie
    rm the princess diana memorial playground at the north west corner of kensington gardens. it’s quite delightful, free, has clean loos and serves decent coffee. if you can bear the crocs, the bugaboos and the nannies, it’s fantastic. queensway tube is closest (then wagamama on kensington high street for lunch afterwards). perfection!

  6. Oh – I’ve always wondered what that playground was like. We are on cabin fever alert this week – I mean half term so I think will perhaps wander up there at some point this week. I forgive you for wearing Crocs. I suppose they are just like plastic clogs really. Some people don’t like Birkenstock sandals but I live in those for as long as I can every year until my toes get just too cold to carry on.

  7. Punditmom – don’t do it – you will wear them forever. Actually, wouldn’t that be better for the environment. Hmmm – perhaps I will succumb?

  8. I tried my friends crocs on and they were sublime – as if I was wearing pillows instead of weird rubber shoes! I bought them for my boys (I do think they look cute on kiddies) but i can’t bring myself to take the plunge!

    And please, more of the nanny conversation!!! This is a real cliff hanger! What is on the Ocado order!?

  9. I must admit I absolutely hate those shoes! They’re just not cute. Of course, I’ve never tried them on so that may explain why I have not yet been indoctrinated into the cult.

  10. pundit n rockmother if you’re trying to resist, for god’s sake don’t try them on! i bought some for my daughter then made the mistake of haveing a go … soooo comfy! i bought a very sensible navy pair – and, in my defence, i was in cornwall at the time so it didn’t quite seem so freakish.
    slacker i’d have made notes but i thought it would be too obvious!
    spymum they were all girls, so no worries with jerzy – also they were all from notting hill! (none of the children was called apple, though). the ocado thing was mostly ready meals – but they were discussing the size of the bills their bosses ran up and how they could just add all their stuff in without it even showing. there was also an issue with a dad wanting to come along to the baby singing group. the nanny was afraid he’d want to come along for hot choc afterwards with the rest of her posse, and was trying to thing of a way of dissuading him – until she realised he might pay for them all! brilliant stuff – might use it in a novel …
    lm you’re absolutely right – at a purely aesthetic level, they’re ludicrous. just don’t let them get near your feet – or they’ll have you! (invasion of the foot snatchers)

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