A good half-term, spoiled …

It being half term, and all, I’m taking the kids to London for a few days. ‘What fun!’, I hear you trill. Well, I’m sure it will be, but it would be marginally more fun if we didn’t have a project on architecture to do. Basically, because the twins have the terms of reference you would expect from twelve year olds, this means me telling them which buildings and which architects are significant, taking them to see said buildings, telling them what to point the camera at, reminding them not to put their fingers over the lens, then helping them google for the extra info they need. (I do know this one’s Norman Foster – I’m not totally ignorant – duuuh!)

Oh well, I’m sure I’ll – I mean they’ll be greatly edified at the end of it all.

While I’m at it, I’ll just link back to last half term, ‘cos with any luck, we’ll be back at the Tate Modern. Er – anyone know who the architect was, by any chance?


16 thoughts on “A good half-term, spoiled …

  1. Maybe I’m too late but I’m a Tate Member – you can borrow my members card if you want – will get you into everything plus the Members Room for free.

    Tate Modern was originally a power station built by Giles Gilbert Scott who also built Battersea Power Station. The Tate Britain on Millbank used to be a prison I think.

  2. We’ve got a Greek project to do. So we may visit the British Museum tomorrow to look at the Elgin Marbles. I do love it there, so it won’t be such a hardship!

  3. Err. You English. With your arts. And your culture. And your fine architecture and your former world dominance. To say nothing of Hob Nobs and Alan Rickman and Greg Wise and…and…well, I’m just so sick with jealousy!

    Green with envy!


    I am green whilst I wallow here in this white snow covered hovel of a town with the internet and tv as my only outlet. I can NOT stand it a minute longer!

    …low blood sugar..makes me irritable. God those sarnies look lovely, even if they are cars. I don’t care…must snack…where did I leave those Hob Nobs? Oooh…here next to the empty bottle of wine. Funny that.

  4. what a wealth of knowledge and wisdom there is to call on out there – it’s a bit like being a member at the athenaeum!
    rockmother that’s an uncommonly kind offer! i’m quite tempted to join myself – is it worth it, do you think? and thanks for the info – either you’ve just done a project yerself or you’re a very cultured individual (well obviously – look at your taste in music)
    jane hope the britmus was good. science museum was heaving. even my die-hard protoscientist blanched and allowed himself to be led to the safety of the v&a. (glad we’ll be meeting soon, btw)
    beck when do your lot start back after christmas, then? the twins were running on empty after 6 weeks back at school. maybe i shouldn’t send them up chimneys at the w/e?
    ydm london is exquisite, mostly, or at least it was yesterday – we had a lovely (architectural) walk all along the south bank of the thames. if i was clever, i’d post piccies. mind you, california sounds double exquisite to me.
    adm i didn’t know alan rickman does it for you too! i do agree, though, that the pinnacle of british culture is the hobnob. incidentally – why has no-one designed a car to look like a sandwich?
    moobs would it have to be for a project or would idle curiosity be good enough … for example?
    pm which tutorial? there are so many on offer now – architecture, greeks, law – i’ll offer shakespeare (although i suspect moobs wouldn’t make it all up, like i probably would).

    and that gives me an idea – how about we set up a site where we can swap our school projects? i’ll trade you ‘pilgrimages’ and ‘plains indians’ for ‘first world war poets’ and ‘ox bow lakes’. makes perfect sense to me!

  5. Moobs – if it was idelcuriousity you’d have to buy me a coffee at the end. If I have notice I can get the Inner Temple to open up some of the rooms the public normally don’t see.

  6. well now, moobs, i certainly will. but you’ve scared me now. can i just make it clear that my offer of lunch was without prejudice (whatever that means).

  7. Americans are all pretty much ignorant of anything that smacks of culture. (Well, most of us anyway.) I would be completely overwhelmed helping my children with a project like that!

  8. lm it was surprising enjoyable, once we got going – and fortunately it was an absolutely beautiful day so the walk – from the barbican, to st pauls, over millenium bridge to the tate, then east towards borough market and city hall, then tower bridge, tower of london and back to barbican – was fun as well. of course, he hasn’t written it up yet …

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