I have some advice for Jeremy Paxman

This would be the scene round at my place except, instead of ‘Did you threaten to over-rule him, Mr Howard?’, it would be, ‘Have you done your Geography homework, Oh Beloved Son?’

I think Paxo should have threatened NOT to let Howard go on the computer until he gave a satisfactory answer. That’s what I did.

Oh – I think the book might be back in the shops now (see below). I’d be very obliged if you’d go in and ask (even if you’re foolish enough not to buy one), then report back to me!


6 thoughts on “I have some advice for Jeremy Paxman

  1. lm and karenkool i’m glad you liked it! paxman is a national treasure, and you probably won’t be surprised to hear that howard was a barrister in a former existence. lm never apologise for tagging -it’s a good laugh imho. i didn’t make a very good job of the last one i did (and still haven’t tagged anyone yet) but will try to do better this time.

  2. Oh, Jeremy Paxman, you are a fine bit of ass. Lovely man. Great clip. This of course also eloquantly shows why i tanked as a journalist. I’d have leapt across the table, grabbed Howard by the lapels and started sobbing in frustration.

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