Belly art! WTF?

How about this for the woman who has everything? You can buy a kit to make a cast of your pregnant tum as a souvenir of the experience. When I heard about this, my first thought was, ‘Messy!’. My second was, ‘I wonder how long it takes, cos what would you do if you needed a wee while it was drying?’. My third was, ‘Well, there’s no way you’d catch me doing that, but there again, you’d never catch me having bronze casts made of my children’s first shoes either. Each to his/her own’.

But then I actually saw this.

Now, say you went to visit someone and this was hanging on the wall. Would you know where to look? You’d have to try not to stare. But as the same time, you wouldn’t want to look as if you weren’t looking. Frankly, nothing in your education would prepare you for it, would it? And say your hosts offered you a tour of the house? I’d be worried about what else was lying in wait for me.

If you think that’s mad, though, take a look at these:

They’re kits you can buy, rather along the lines of face painting, to bedeck your bump. At first glance, I thought the one with the henna tattoo was a nasty case of stretchmarks. But I mean, honestly! Could you be arsed? Could you reach? And if someone else had to do it for you, wouldn’t it tickle?

It’s all part of the trend for ‘In Yer Face Pregnancy’ which I think I may just explore in greater detail any time soon. Not sure where it’ll take me, but I expect the words: Demi, Vanity Fair and Lycra will come into it.


22 thoughts on “Belly art! WTF?

  1. I absolutely could.not.bear to have my stretched tight pregnant tummy skin painted. It would make me scream worse than nails down a blackboard.

    I think these people have too much free time on their hands.

  2. Im not sure what to write but have been compelled to comment. Freakshow comes to mind! I am ssoooooo with you on the strange bronzed booties – there are so many things wrong with that!

  3. There’s a fine line between this and placenta eating! My stomach is like a web of stretch marks … not attractive!
    Great blog.

  4. It’s almost worth getting pregnant again for – I don’t think…

    That pumpkin is the worst – I mean, why? Why would you do that?

    Love the blog btw – am adding it to my list immediately!

    Sue x

  5. Rooster is my second child and I sort of felt let down that there was no celebration of the anticipation of her arrival (though I didn’t know she was a she yet.)

    The day before Rooster was born, my husband hired a Mendhi artist to come to the house and he invited a bunch of my girlfriends.

    My whole belly was painted — and all my girlfriends got a henna tattoo also. It was actually great.

    I’ve uploaded photos for you here.

  6. I think the whole thing is a lovely idea actually, a celebration of life and a celebration of the fact that women give life. We need to celebrate that more and take our own power back. I’m a little jealous of the young women today who do celebrate their bellies, I wish I had.

  7. stomper my next thought was actually, ‘i hope she was wearing knicks’, cos … well, y’know…
    joanne i was actually so large, i suspect we’d have needed planning permission to put an effigy of me on the wall.
    caroline ‘n’ lucy welcome! if i knew how to do links, i’d put you up there at once. see you soon, i hope.
    otj i’ve long had my suspicions about you and now you’ve confirmed it. you’re a mad mutha! international chapter. hooray! our network is spreading. i may have to send you a t-shirt. lovely pics. now i have about a hundred questions. were you full-term, cos that’s a neat little bumpette? did it tickle? how long did it take? is it like hair-dye henna (hot cowpat)? what did the midwife say? did it stay that dark? what did it look like when it started to fade? i think you should do a post about this – we demand the know the facts!

  8. Mad –


    It was the day before Rooster was born.

    It didn’t tickle.

    It was the henna that Indian ladies use on their hands for their weddings.

    It took the artist an hour.

    Here is a picture of what it looked like after… it was sort of tea colored and lasted three weeks.

    It even still looked great as the tummy deflated.

    The nurses were INTO it – though they thought it was a permanent tattoo at first.

    I got lots of visitors in my hospital room that wanted to see it.

    Send T-shirt now! Heh.

  9. if i were to get pregnant again (perish the thought), i think i’d be quite happy with just a smiley face on my bump. actually, i’ve put on so much weight recently that i don’t even have to be pregnant to do that.

    i’ll fetch my marker pen.

  10. otj wait by the letter box (but don’t hold yer breath – that would be dangerous
    zoe i note from your profile that your interest is navel gazing, so this is going to work well. make sure the marker is permanent. you might have to do it the wrong way up to get the full effect. please send pics.

  11. The body cast seems like a guaranteed conversation stopper:

    “Oo Katie I love what you’ve done with the nursery”.

    “That’s nothing, come into the sitting room and have a look at my tits”.

  12. Given that I absolutely HATED the way complete strangers appropriated my tummy when I was pregnant, there is no way on god’s earth I’d let anyone have painted any of my bumps. Maybe some emergency repair stretch marks cover ups when the bikini came out, but the bump – no sirree!

    Still to each their own, and those of you who’ve done it, I’m stumped to know what to say, but glad you enjoyed the experience!

    I don’t think a bronze cast of my pregnant stomach would have looked that good hanging above the fire place…


  13. Honestly, I couldn’t be stuffed putting in the energy to sit for the bronze cast or the painted tummy. I think there are a myriad of ways “to take your power” back as a pregnant lady besides that – if that’s what you want to do by the way. I was in so much pain by the end of my second pregnancy that I wanted to get my LIFE back by simply giving birth. I’m with Stomper – I think some people have too much time on their hands. As to the bronze cast, I already have to put up with a bronze mother and child statue my husband gave me….but that’s another story!

  14. My stomach looked horrible while I was pregnant. No WAY would I have let anyone near it with paper mache or whatever they use. I did have a friend (due near Halloween) paint her stomach like a pumpkin. It was absolutely adorable but she had one of those cute baby bellies with no discernable stretch marks.

  15. Heh. I should have gotten over here sooner because I have been to the home of someone who had a paper casting of their pregnant self hanging on the wall of the living room/dining room. It wasn’t the conversation stopper that you’d expect it to be, but it was their sort of style – very artsy. It wasn’t decorated, or outrageous, but a soft neutral white paper hanging cast on the wall. A neat memory, but it wouldn’t be my style to have that hanging in my house.

  16. I’ve never been pregnant, but my tummy looked like that after the huge pizza I ate last night. If only I’d have thought of making a cast of it, I too could’ve had a unique and beautiful additional to my home decor. Shame.

  17. Ahhh to have an artist around to paint my belly massage, my feet tell me that my swollen ankles are ‘sexy’ and feed me grapes while pregnant…
    And while he’s at it, he can hoist me to the toilet…
    Isn’t that what happens to all of us in our dreams???

  18. I have to admit, we did the plaster belly cast for my sister a couple of years ago when she was pregnant, although all we did was her tummy — NOT her boobs or anything else.
    It was actually great fun, and since she’s an artist she planned to paint it and hang it on her wall. But when the baby came she was too busy, and now it sits in her bedroom collecting dust.

    But now that I’m pregnant, I had to tell my mom that no, I really didn’t think I needed a cast too. But some of those paintings look like fun!

  19. To some of you expecting moms it might really seem weird, but the most beautiful painted tummy I have seen, rather most moving I guess you would say (both from inside and out) was a picture painted of a baby inside the womb with a small child’s hand reaching out to touch his/her sibling. It was sooo moving, and this comment is from a great grandmother (who paints tummys)!

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